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#1. 26/05/2022 10:30Bill Gates poured millions into dark money fund attacking Elon Musk

Research exclusively shared with Breitbart News identifies hundreds of millions of dollars flowing from Bill Gates' foundation to 11 of the 26 organizations that signed an open letter last month urging Twitter advertisers to boycott the company if Elon Musk restores free speech on the platform. Breitbart News' report, based on research and analysis from the newly-formed Foundation for Freedom Online (FFO), analyzed public filings to trace hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions from the letter signatories back to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In total, 11 of the 26 anti-Musk organizations received funding from a Gates-backed entity.


#2. 26/05/2022 10:13Are you a machine?

In chapter 12 of Iain McGilchrist's book The Matter With Things, he elegantly debunks the myth that the living, organic world is anything like a machine. With many examples of totally un-machine like behaviour, McGilchrist completely dismantles the notion that organisms like ourselves, or single cells for that matter, are anything like a machine. The second half of the chapter he addresses the reasons why the machine model has been so pervasive in our perception of just about everything. I think this is an important awareness for us as some strive for a transhuman future and try to convince us this is a good thing. The transhumanist agenda1 of marrying human to machine only makes sense if the human is seen as one type of 'machine' and computer/hardware another type of machine, that can seamlessly integrate. I have no doubt it can be of use in some cases - artificial limbs come to mind - but doubt its wisdom when attempting to 'evolve' the human race as a human/machine hybrid (a...


#3. 26/05/2022 10:11The WHO treaty is tied to a global digital passport and ID system

The WHO recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty tied to a digital passport and digital ID system. Meeting in December 2021 in a special session for only the second time since the WHO's founding in 1948, the Health Assembly of the WHO adopted a single decision titled, "The World Together." The WHO plans to finalize the treaty by 2024. It will aim to shift governing authority now reserved to sovereign states to the WHO during a pandemic by legally binding member states to the WHO's revised International Health Regulations. In January of 2022 the United States submitted proposed amendments to the 2005 International Health Regulations, which bind all 194 UN member states, which the WHO director general accepted and forwarded to other member states. In contrast to amendments to our own constitution, these amendments will not require a two-thirds vote of our Senate, but a simple majority of the member states.


#4. 26/05/2022 09:53SpaceX president defends Elon Musk over sexual misconduct claims: 'I believe the allegations to be false'

SpaceX President and COO Gwynne Shotwell defended Elon Musk in an email to employees last week, responding to sexual misconduct allegations directed at the CEO, CNBC has learned. "Personally, I believe the allegations to be false; not because I work for Elon, but because I have worked closely with him for 20 years and never seen nor heard anything resembling these allegations," Shotwell wrote in a companywide email sent on Friday and seen by CNBC. Musk has denied the allegations, which claim he propositioned a flight attendant on one of SpaceX's private jets in 2016, calling them "wild accusations."


#5. 26/05/2022 09:18Florida Sen. Marco Rubio accuses Google of censoring campaign emails

Sen. Marco Rubio said his campaign is in 'Google purgatory,' alleging the tech giant sends a significant percentage of his campaign emails to spam. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., is accusing Google of censoring his campaign emails, stating that his campaign is in "Google purgatory." Rubio tweeted on Saturday morning that 66% of his campaign emails to "registered supporters" with a Gmail address have been sent to a spam inbox since a "Pelosi Puppet" announced she is running against him. "Marco Rubio for Senate is in @Google purgatory Since a Pelosi puppet announced she was running against me they have sent 66% of my emails to REGIS TERED SUPPORTERS with @gmail to spam," Rubio tweeted. "And during the final weeks of finance quarters it climbs to over 90%" Rubio and Rep. Val Demmings, D-Fla., are running for the U.S. Senate in the Sunshine State.


#6. 26/05/2022 09:00Write C applications using Vely on Linux by Sergio Mijatovic

Write C applications using Vely on Linux Sergio Mijatovic Thu, 05/26/2022 - 03:00
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Vely is a tool for writing web and command-line applications in C. Vely combines high performance and the low footprint associated with C programming with ease of use and improved safety reminiscent of languages like PHP. It's free and open source software, and licensed under GPLv3 and LGPL 3 for libraries, so you can even build commercial software with it.

Vely works on major Linux distributions and processor architectures. You can use webservers, such as Apache, Nginx, or others, and databases such as MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

You can use Vely for web applications, command-line programs, as middleware, database applications, services software, data integration, IoT (Internet of Things), and anywhere else. It's well suited for the cloud, works easily in a container, and, due to low resource requirements, it's also a good choice when memory and processing power are at a premium.

Install Vely

To try Vely, install the Apache webserver and MariaDB database. You can use a different webserver and database, and the setup would be similar, but in this example, I use Apache and MariaDB.

Next, install Vely. On Linux use a package manager such as dnf or apt.

Stock tickers project

This example saves the names of stock tickers and their prices so you can view them in a list.

Start by creating stock.v file, and paste this code into it:

#include "vely.h"

void stock() {
   out-header default
       input-param action
       input-param stock_name
       input-param stock_price
       if (!strcmp (action, "add")) {
          // Add to stock table, update if stock exists
          run-query#add_data@db = "insert into stock (stock_name,\
              stock_price) values ('%s', '%s') on duplicate key \
              update stock_price='%s'" : stock_name, stock_price, \
           error#add_data to define err
           if (strcmp (err, "0")) {
               report-error "Cannot update stock price, error [%s]", err

              @Stock price updated!

       } else if (!strcmp (action, "show")) {
         // Show stock names and values
               run-query#show_data@db = "select stock_name, \
                    stock_price from stock" output stock_name, \
Stock nameStock price

                       query-result#show_data, stock_name

                       query-result#show_data, stock_price

       } else {
Unrecognized request!


Build the database

For this example, create a database named dbstock, owned by user vely with the password your_password. These are arbitrary names, and in real life, you can use whatever values you want, as long as they're consistent throughout your code.

First, log in to the MariaDB database as root and execute this:

FLUSH privileges;
CREATE USER IF NOT EXISTS vely@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'your_password';
FLUSH privileges;
GRANT ALL privileges ON dbstock.* TO vely@localhost;
FLUSH privileges;

Now log in to MariaDB again and set the current database:

$ mysql -u vely -pyour_password

Now you can create the database objects needed for the application. You need a stock table in the dbstock database for this example.

USE dbstock;
CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS stock (stock_name VARCHAR(100) PRIMARY KEY, stock_price BIGINT);

Finally, create a database configuration file named db so that your application can log into the database. You must call it db because that's what the code in stock.v uses. For instance:

run-query#add_data@db = "insert into stock ..."

The database name is preceded by the @ sign, in this case, @db, so the name of the database configuration file is db. As with other values, you can name your database configuration file whatever you want, as long as your code is consistent.

Here's the configuration for the db file:


The above is a standard MariaDB client options file. Vely uses native database connectivity, so you can specify any options a given database allows.

Build the application

Next, you can create your Vely application. For this example, you're going to create a web app called stockapp:

$ sudo vf -i -u $(whoami) stockapp

This creates an application home under the Vely directory (/var/lib/vv) and performs the required application setup steps for you.

To build your application, use the vv command:

$ vv -q --db=mariadb:db stockapp

Here's what each option means:

  • -q builds an application
  • --db specifies the database to be used (mariadb:db, as specified in your configuration file)
  • stockapp is the application name

You can actually use any number of databases and different vendors in your application. This example is simple, though, so you only need one database. Vely has many other useful options you can use, but this is sufficient for now.

Configure web access

To access your application via a web browser or various web clients, you need to set up a webserver. It can be Apache, Nginx, or any other server that supports FastCGI proxying (most, if not all, webservers and load balancers do this). Here, I will set up Apache, but the setup is similar for other webservers.

The proxy and proxy_fcgi modules are installed and enabled by default on the Fedora install of the Apache web server, but you must enable them on Debian-based systems (like Ubuntu):

$ sudo a2enmod proxy
$ sudo a2enmod proxy_fcgi
$ sudo systemctl restart apache2

If you're not on a Debian-based system, you can enable an Apache module by adding it to the Apache configuration file or in a file in the /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/ directory, depending on your distribution's configuration.

Next, open your Apache configuration file in a text editor. For example, on a Debian-based system:

$ sudo vi /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

On a Fedora system (including Red Hat Enterprise Linux and CentOS):

$ sudo vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Add this line to the end of the file:

ProxyPass "/stockapp" unix:///var/lib/vv/stockapp/sock/sock|fcgi://localhost/stockapp

Depending on your webserver configuration, there may be a better place to add the ProxyPass directive. For this example, though, the above is sufficient.

Save the file and restart the webserver. On Fedora-based systems:

$ sudo systemctl restart httpd

On Debian-based systems:

$ sudo systemctl restart apache2

In this case, you're connecting to your application through a socket, but you can use a TCP port instead (which comes in handy when your application resides in a container or something similar).

Run the application

Start the application server for your application:

$ vf stockapp

By default, this runs anywhere from 0 to 20 server processes for your application, depending on the load. When the user load is low, your application uses virtually no memory at all.

That was it! Navigate to… in your web browser to see the application.

You've just updated the stock price for ticker "XYZ" to 440. Try different tickers and prices to build a list of stocks, which you can view with the URL

Congratulations, you've created your first Vely application, reverse proxied behind a web server.

You can also view the output without a graphical browser by using curl:

$ curl -s \
$ curl -s ""

Run the application from the terminal

You can run your application from the terminal, too. A terminal command is always made along with the FastCGI application server, and it's named the same as your application (in this case, stockapp). It works exactly the same as the web app. You can write some requests to your application to be fulfilled as web requests and others to run from the command-line. To do that, you provide the request as environment variables. For instance, to output the list of stocks as HTML, type:

$ export QUERY_STRING="req=stock&action=show"
$ /var/lib/vv/bld/stockapp/stockapp

To suppress HTTP headers, use:

$ export VV_SILENT_HEADER=yes
$ /var/lib/vv/bld/stockapp/stockapp

How Vely works

Your application works by processing requests and sending back replies. A request is one of two HTTP methods: GET or POST.

A request always has a parameter req. In the example here, its value is stock. That means source code compiled from file stock.v is called automatically to handle such a request.

A source file like this can do many different things, all grouped logically under a single request. Here, you have another parameter action, which can have a value of add (to add or update a stock) or show (to show a list of stocks). You specify stock_name and stock_price parameters when adding or updating. Pretty easy stuff. Other than req, you can choose parameter names however you wish.

Looking at the code in stock.v, it's simple to follow. You use the input-param construct to get the values for your input parameters. Yes, those strange things in the C code that aren't C are Vely language constructs, and they do lots of useful stuff for you, such as run-query, which (as you might expect from the name) runs your queries. An easy one is @, which is an output construct. String handling is made simple and reliable without worrying about buffer overruns. Check out the full reference of Vely constructs to understand Vely's capabilities.

Vely converts all constructs in your code into pure C and makes a native executable that is very small and fast. Your application runs as several FastCGI server processes, which stay resident in memory while accepting and processing requests. All of these processes work in parallel.

For more info, see how Vely works and read more about Vely architecture.

Manage strings and memory

Vely has automatic garbage collection for all of its constructs. In fact, most of the time, you shouldn't need to free memory at all, so application development is even simpler. Leave that to Vely and enjoy computing free of memory leaks and far fewer memory issues than you might expect. String constructs such as write-string make it safe, fast, and easy to create complex strings just as they do simple ones.

FastCGI program manager

Even if you don't want to develop your own applications with Vely, you can use vf, Vely's FastCGI program manager, with any generic FastCGI program, not just those created with Vely.

Want to learn more about Vely?

I sometimes get asked about the project name. Vely is short for Vel(ocit)y. It's fast to program with, fast to understand code and maintain, and fast (and small!) at run time. It's even easy to containerize.

Check out the documentation at, which features downloads and examples that go beyond the introduction this article provides.

Vely is an open source tool for writing web and command-line applications in C on major Linux distributions.

Woman sitting in front of her computer

Ray Smith

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Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.


#7. 26/05/2022 09:00Document your source code with Doxygen on Linux by Stephan Avenwedde

Document your source code with Doxygen on Linux Stephan Avenwedde Thu, 05/26/2022 - 03:00
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When trying to familiarize yourself with someone else's project, you usually appreciate the comments left behind that help you understand the meaning of their code. In the same way, whenever you are programming, whether for yourself or for others, it is good practice to comment your own code. All programming languages offer a special syntax to mark a word, a line, or a whole section as a comment. Those areas are then ignored by the compiler or interpreter when the source code is processed. 

Comments don't take the place of documentation, but there is a way to use your comments to produce documentation easily. Meet Doxygen, an open source tool for generating HTML or LaTeX documentation based on comments in the code. Doxygen enables you to provide a comprehensive overview of the structure of your code without additional effort. While Doxygen is mainly used to document C++, you can use it for many other languages, like C, Objective-C, C#, PHP, Java, Python, and more.

To use Doxygen, you simply comment your source code in a syntax that Doxygen can read. Doxygen then walks through your source files and creates HTML or LaTeX documentation based on those special comments. The C++ example project below will illustrate how the source code is commented and how the documentation is generated from it. The example is available on GitHub, and I will also include references to different sections of the Doxygen manual and documentation.

section above, you can see that the operator declarations are grouped as Writing and Reading. These groups are defined and named in the ByteStream header file.

Grouping is done using a special syntax: You start a group with @{ and end it with }@. All members inside those marks belong to this group. In the header ByteStream.h it is implemented as follows:

/** @name Writing
* Operators for writing to the stream
* @{


/** @}
* @name Reading
* Operators for reading from the stream
* @{


/** @} */

You can find more information about grouping in the Doxygen documentation, under Grouping.

LLVM Support

If you are building with Clang, you can apply the flag -Wdocumentation to the build process to let Clang check your special comments. You can find more information about this feature in the LLVM Users Manual or in Dmitri Gribenko's presentation, both on the Clang website.

Where Doxygen is used

Doxygen was first released in 1997, so it has been already around for some years. Despite its age, many projects use Doxygen to create their documentation. Some examples are NASA's F Prime flight software framework, the image processing library OpenCV, and the package manager RPM. You can also find the Doxygen syntax in other areas, like in the documentation standards of the content management platform Drupal.

A caveat: One drawback of using Doxygen is that it outputs HTML documentation with the look and feel of web pages from the nineties. It is also hard to depict the architecture of meta and template programming using Doxygen. For those cases, you would probably choose Sphinx over Doxygen. Download the now.

This widely used open source tool can generate documentation from your comments.

5 trends in open source documentation

Internet Archive Book Images. Modified by CC BY-SA 4.0

Creative Commons LicenseThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License.


#8. 26/05/2022 08:55Marché des logiciels d'analyse de portefeuille informatique 2022 Perspectives précises – Planview, iServer, Software AG, Infoblox, Oracle, RISC Networks, APTARE, Ardoq, ABACUS - Sahel Business Week


#12. 26/05/2022 07:40Envie de visiter Tokyo ? Explorez la capitale nippone grâce au guide de marche pas-à-pas en RA d'Apple Maps by Pierre Crochart

Peut-être êtes-vous utilisateur ou utilisatrice régulière de la navigation en réalité augmentée sur Google Maps ? Bonne nouvelle pour l’écurie d’en face : Apple poursuit le développement de sa propre fonctionnalité, et Tokyo rejoint les rangs des villes compatibles.

Categories: système d'exploitation (os) 


#14. 26/05/2022 07:10Real Tone débarque sur votre smartphone Android et iOS pour sublimer vos photos by Pierre Crochart

Introduite avec les Pixel 6 et Pixel 6 Pro, la fonctionnalité Real Tone se targue d’offrir le rendu de couleurs le plus fidèle possible grâce à l’intelligence artificielle. Désormais, cette technologie n’est plus limitée qu’aux smartphones Google.

Categories: mobile 


#16. 26/05/2022 06:45A Pékin, les rebelles du Covid se défoulent

Des bambins qui pataugent dans un canal, des joueurs de mahjong qui se moquent des distances et des jeunes qui se retrouvent en cachette pour boire une bière: face à l'étau du zéro Covid, des Pékinois trouvent le moyen de décompresser. La capitale chinoise est sur les dents depuis début mai face à une flambée épidémique qui dépasse 1.600 cas de contamination -- un chiffre élevé pour la Chine qui applique une stricte politique du zéro Covid. Même si la flambée n'a fait officiellement aucun décès dans la ville de 22 millions d'habitants, écoles, restaurants, commerces non essentiels et plusieurs parcs sont fermés.

Categories: santé 


#18. 26/05/2022 06:41Grieving Grandma Slams Texas Gun Laws That Armed ‘Pure Evil’ School Shooter by Nancy Dillon

Berlinda Arreola says her granddaughter Amerie Jo Garza, 10, was trying to call 911 when she was killed by a gunman who purchased his firepower for his 18th birthday

Categories: culture, culture news, mass shooting, texas, uvalde, uvalde shooting 


#19. 26/05/2022 06:30Comment cet agent de l’Inrae a opté pour un vélo à assistance électrique

Le dispositif GoodWatt amène des salariés à tester le vélo à assistance électrique entre domicile et lieu de travail. Romain Bott, agent de l’Inrae près de Rennes, a transformé l’essai. Jeudi 19...


#20. 26/05/2022 06:2283 % des responsables informatiques pensent que la sécurité est en retard par rapport aux menaces actuelles, 72 % pensent avoir été victimes d'une violation sans le savoir, selon Vectra AI -


#23. 26/05/2022 06:00Ces réfugiées ukrainiennes qui ont trouvé du boulot dans l’Agglo

Après avoir fui une Ukraine en guerre, Olesya, Sveta et Mira ont atterri en pays de Saint-Brieuc. Toutes trois ont été embauchées dans des entreprises du coin. Olesya a 33 ans, comme elle le signe...


#24. 26/05/2022 05:51Iran blames Israel, vows revenge for brazen motorcycle assassination of IRGC colonel

Iran is vowing to avenge what it's describing as a brazen assassination of a Revolutionary Guard colonel conducted by a foreign intelligence service. Col. Sayad Khodai was reportedly a commander in the elite Quds Force, which is the foreign intelligence wing of the IRGC. Israeli media is claiming that he had "planned attacks on Jews and Israelis worldwide." The Sunday killing took place in Tehran when the IRGC colonel was approach by two unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle who shot him in the head. "I have agreed for our security forces to seriously follow up on this matter and I have no doubt that revenge for the pure blood of our martyr will be taken," the country's President Ibrahim Raisi said in a speech. The military is blaming Israeli intelligence for the killing, with semi-official ISNA news agency claiming that the Guards subsequently uncovered and arrested spies backed by Israeli intelligence. Israel has not commented on the fresh accusations.


#29. 26/05/2022 04:32Ukraine: les Russes cherchent à s'emparer d'une ville de l'est, Kiev réclame des armes lourdes by Par Charlotte PLANTIVE avec Andrey BORODULIN Kherson Kiev Ukraine AFP

L'armée russe cherche coûte que coûte à s'emparer de la ville de Severodonetsk, dans l'est de l'Ukraine où Kiev, qui s'inquiète d'un risque de débordement, réclame davantage d'armes lourdes pour égaler la puissance de feu russe. Dans certaines régions de l'est de l'Ukraine, où se concentre l'... - Lire la suite sur © SERGEY BOBOK / AFP - Ukraine: les Russes cherchent à s'emparer d'une ville de l'est, Kiev réclame des armes lourdes


#30. 26/05/2022 03:46Sénégal : nouveau drame dans un hôpital, 11 bébés tués dans un incendie by FRANCE 24

Onze nouveaux-nés sont morts ce mercredi dans l'incendie du service de néonatologie de l'hôpital Tivaouane du Sénégal. Une nouvelle tragédie qui génère l'indignation et souligne les carences du système de santé publique.

Categories: afrique 


#33. 26/05/2022 03:41Computer Numerical Control Market Size 2022 -2029 | MONDRAGON Corporation, GSK CNC Equipment, Soft Servo Systems, Heidenhain GmbH – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale


#39. 26/05/2022 03:24États-Unis : l'Oklahoma interdit totalement l'avortement by FRANCE 24

Déjà interdit dès six semaines de grossesse, l'avortement est désormais totalement banni dans l'Oklahoma. Le gouverneur a signé ce mercredi la loi adoptée par le Parlement local. Une entrée en vigueur qui intervient au moment où un nouvel arrêté de la Cour suprême pourrait changer la jurisprudence historique Roe versus Wade.

Categories: amériques 


#42. 26/05/2022 02:40USA: le gouverneur de l'Oklahoma promulgue une loi banissant l'avortement dès la fécondation by Par AFP Washington

Le gouverneur de l'Oklahoma a promulgué mercredi une loi interdisant tout avortement dès la fécondation, faisant de ce bastion conservateur du sud des Etats-Unis l'Etat possédant la réglementation la plus restrictive en matière d'interruption volontaire de grossesse. "J'avais promis aux habitants... - Lire la suite sur © Anna Moneymaker / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP/Archives - USA: le gouverneur de l'Oklahoma promulgue une loi banissant l'avortement dès la fécondation


#46. 26/05/2022 02:10Critical Zoom vulnerabilities fixed last week required no user interaction by Dan Goodin

If your machine failed to get them automatically, you're not alone.

Categories: biz & it, exploits, patches, vulnerabilities, zoom 


#47. 26/05/2022 02:00TikTok Live Subscriptions: Everything we know so far by Anita George

TikTok recently announced its LIVE Subscription program. But what does that mean for you? We'll break down everything we know about it so far.

Categories: computing, features, social media, social media apps, social media section, tiktok, tiktok creators, tiktok live subscription 


#48. 26/05/2022 01:53US officials visit Saudi Arabia for Israel normalisation talks, request oil production increase

Two of US President Joe Biden's senior advisors have reportedly visited Saudi Arabia for talks to increase oil production and the possible normalisation of ties with Israel, Axios reported. White House Middle East coordinator Brett McGurk and State Department energy envoy Amos Hochstein reportedly met with senior Saudi officials on Tuesday, Axios reported on Wednesday, citing three current and former US officials. Earlier this week, Axios reported that the Biden administration had been quietly mediating between Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt on the transfer of two strategic islands which, if successful, could be the first step on the road to the normalisation of relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.


#51. 26/05/2022 01:24Wife of Ukrainian POW says Russia keeping them in 'satisfactory conditions' - The Guardian

Ukrainian soldiers captured by Russian forces after the three-month siege of the Azovstal steel plant are being held in "satisfactory" conditions, according to the unit commander's wife, amid uncertainty over the fate of the prisoners. Denys Prokopenko, commander of the Azov battalion, was able to briefly call his wife, Kateryna, who said she had also been told that the prisoners had not been subjected to violence. It was not immediately clear if Prokopenko had been able to speak freely during the conversation. "He said he was 'OK' and asked how I was," Kateryna Prokopenko told the Guardian on Tuesday. "I've heard from other sources that the conditions are more or less satisfactory."


#52. 26/05/2022 01:05"C'est de votre faute!" : le gouverneur du Texas invectivé par son rival au lendemain de la tuerie by Par Michael Mathes Uvalde Etats Unis AFP

"C'est de votre faute! " : dans une scène inhabituelle, signe des tensions aux Etats-Unis sur la question des armes, le gouverneur républicain du Texas a été invectivé en pleine conférence de presse mercredi par son rival démocrate, qui l'a rendu responsable de la tuerie survenue dans l'école d'... - Lire la suite sur © Jordan Vonderhaar / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/AFP - "C'est de votre faute!" : le gouverneur du Texas invectivé par son rival au lendemain de la tuerie


#56. 26/05/2022 00:56Computer Assisted Coding Systems Market Industry Share Analysis and Future Prospect | Key Players- 3m Company, Artificial Medical, Cerner Corporation, Dolbey Systems, Mckesson Corporation – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale


#57. 26/05/2022 00:56IoT and Blockchain Market Overview, High Growth Opportunities, Segmentation, Trends By 2022-2028 | IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Amazon, Cisco Systems, Ethereum Foundation, The Linux Foundation, Filament,… – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale


#59. 26/05/2022 00:54BEST OF THE WEB: Ukraine: How and why the war was manufactured

Before being elected President of the United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower was the first Commander of NATO. In February 1951, a few months after taking office, he wrote the following, "If in 10 years all the American troops stationed in Europe for the purpose of ensuring national defense have not returned to the United States, then this project, NATO, will have failed." The troops did not return, actually, their presence in Europe did not cease to increase. Not only that, but once the Soviet Union disintegrated and contrary to the solemn and hollow promises of the main leaders of Western governments (Clinton, Bush, Obama, Helmut Kohl in Germany, Tony Blair in the United Kingdom... etc.) in the sense that "NATO would not move an inch to the East," as a matter of fact, this criminal organization transferred supplies and troops to the very borders of Russia. How come! Weren't the enemies of the West the Soviet Union and communism? No. The enemy was, and still is, Russia, an overly...


#62. 26/05/2022 00:43Indonesia summons Britain's envoy after causing furor by raising rainbow Pride flag

Indonesia summoned Britain's ambassador on Monday to explain the raising of an LGBTQ Pride flag at its embassy and urged foreign missions to respect local "sensitivities" following a backlash among conservatives. Barring the sharia-ruled province of Aceh, homosexuality is not illegal in Indonesia, the world's largest Muslim-majority country, although it is generally considered taboo. The rainbow Pride flag was flown alongside the British flag at the country's embassy in Jakarta on May 17 to mark the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, according to an Instagram post by the embassy. Comment: Did Britain dare do the same in Saudi Arabia?


#65. 26/05/2022 00:33Cargoes of Russia's crude oil 'sitting out at sea' climbs to record high

Some 62 million barrels of Russia's flagship Urals crude oil, a record amount, are sitting in vessels at sea, data from energy analytics firm Vortexa showed, as traders struggled to find buyers for the crude. Report informs, citing Reuters, that the volume of Urals crude oil on the water is triple the pre-war average, Vortexa said, even as Russian seaborne oil exports fell to 6.7 million barrels per day (bpd) so far in May, down about 15% from the 7.9 bpd in February. The number of Urals cargoes at sea with no set destination is 15% of the total, also a new high, Seigle added. Some of the oil could be in transit to undisclosed buyers, while others could be unsold cargoes. Most barrels of Russian crude oil have headed to Asia, mainly India and China, while volumes to Europe have also ticked up ahead of a ban.


#68. 26/05/2022 00:30More than 1 in 5 COVID survivors may develop long COVID, CDC study suggests by Beth Mole

The study assessed the relative risks of 26 conditions linked to post-COVID.

Categories: science, biology, cdc, covid-19, infectious disease, long covid, medical conditions, medicine, public health 


#69. 26/05/2022 00:26Researchers identify biomarker panel that could help predict gestational diabetes in early pregnancy

Researchers have taken the initial step in identifying what may be an effective way to detect gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) earlier in pregnancy, potentially improving diagnosis and treatment for what is the most common disorder of pregnancy.


#71. 26/05/2022 00:15Afghanistan : l'organisation État islamique revendique quatre attentats à la bombe by FRANCE 24

Au moins douze personnes ont été tuées mercredi en Afghanistan dans quatre attentats à la bombe. Le groupe État islamique (EI) a revendiqué ces attaques, qui constituent un défi sécuritaire pour les Taliban.

Categories: asie-pacifique 


#74. 26/05/2022 00:03SFX Computer Power Supplies Market is Expected to Reach US$ 43.33 Bn by the End of 2031-Delta, Lite-On, Chicony, CWT, Acbel, Great Wall, FSP, Huntkey, Antec, GIGABYTE, SeaSonic, Thermaltake, Corsair, CoolerMaster, In Win, GOLDEN FIELD, VisionT - The Daily Vale

#88. 25/05/2022 23:41Bulgaria reconsidering ruble gas payments

Bulgaria plans to discuss ruble payments for Russian gas with the European Commission, Energy Minister Alexander Nikolov said in an interview with BTV channel on Sunday. Sofia had earlier rejected Moscow's new settlement demand to countries that imposed sanctions on Russia. Nikolov was asked what is the point of countries like Bulgaria, Poland and Finland not complying with the demand, when Germany and Italy have agreed to open ruble accounts.

#94. 25/05/2022 23:20Updated Insight Mechanical Computer-aided Design (MCAD) Market Future Trends, Scope, Top Players 2016 to 2028 | Autodesk, Dassault SystèMes, PTC, Siemens PLM Software, 3D Systems, Altair, Cadonix,… – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#95. 25/05/2022 23:20Cannes 2022 : Virginie Efira et Tahar Rahim réunis pour la présentation de "Don Juan" by Louise DUPONT

Dans cette émission de "À l'Affiche" spéciale Cannes, Virginie Efira et Tahar Rahim, deux des stars les plus en vue du cinéma français. Les deux acteurs sont réunis dans "Don Juan", de Serge Bozon, un film présenté dans la sélection "Cannes Premières". Fidèles de la Croisette, ils nous parlent de leur amour pour le Festival et de leur actualité sur le grand écran.

Categories: À l'affiche ! 

#97. 25/05/2022 23:10Burqa imposée en Afghanistan aux femmes journalistes : "Nous sommes les dernières à résister"

Les présentatrices et les journalistes femmes qui travaillent encore pour la télévision afghane ont reçu l’ordre, le 19 mai, de “couvrir leur visage”. Notre Observatrice, une présentatrice de télévision afghane, explique comment elle doit composer avec cette nouvelle décision et comment les journalistes résistent face à des Taliban résolus à “effacer les femmes de la société”.

Categories: sur les observateurs 

#102. 25/05/2022 23:00Best external hard drive deals for May 2022 by Lucas Coll

Whether you’re after an external HDD or SSD, we rounded up a collection of the best cheap external hard drives.

Categories: computing, deals, commerce 2020, evergreen deals, external hard drives, external hdd, external ssd 

#103. 25/05/2022 22:59Horreur, douleur et colère à Uvalde après la tuerie dans une école by Par Gerard MARTINEZ Uvalde Etats Unis AFP

Des dizaines de personnes ont afflué mercredi dans une petite église à Uvalde au Texas pour rendre hommage aux 19 enfants et deux enseignants abattus la veille par un adolescent déséquilibré dans une école primaire. Aida Hernandez pleure à la sortie du lieu de culte, baptisé Sacred Heart Church,... - Lire la suite sur © allison dinner / AFP - Horreur, douleur et colère à Uvalde après la tuerie dans une école

#105. 25/05/2022 22:58Prominent ex-Tesla self-driving car exec leaves Apple for greener pastures by Samuel Axon

CJ Moore will join lidar company Luminar to lead software development.

Categories: tech, apple, autonomous vehicles, cj moore, project titan, self driving cars 

#106. 25/05/2022 22:51Researchers use CRISPR technology to modify starches in potatoes

Humble potatoes are a rich source not only of dietary carbohydrates for humans, but also of starches for numerous industrial applications. Texas A&M AgriLife scientists are learning how to alter the ratio of potatoes' two starch molecules—amylose and amylopectin—to increase both culinary and industrial applications.

Categories: plants & animals agriculture 

#109. 25/05/2022 22:42Festival de Cannes : au-delà du soutien à l'Ukraine, le débat sur le boycott des œuvres russes by David RICH

"Butterfly Vision", le dernier film ukrainien présenté cette année à Cannes, s’est vu offrir un traitement de faveur avec l’organisation d’une manifestation autorisée contre la guerre en Ukraine. En toile de fond, la question du boycott des films russes continue de faire débat. 

Categories: france 

#110. 25/05/2022 22:39Henry Kissinger: Ukraine should give up territory to Russia to reach peace

Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger has said Ukraine should accept giving up part of its territory to reach a peace deal with Russia, and end the now three-month-long war immediately. Talking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Monday, 98-year-old Kissinger said that failing to restart negotiations with Russia and continuing to antagonize Moscow could have disastrous consequences for Europe's stability in the long term. "Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome. Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante. Pursuing the war beyond that point would not be about the freedom of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia itself." Kissinger, who served under the administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford in the 1970s, warned against dragging on the war, and pressed for negotiations. The former secretary of state said Russia has been an essential part...

#111. 25/05/2022 22:38Twenty-two House Republicans demand accountability on Biden's $40B war spending

A cohort of Republicans, part of the dissenting vote on Biden's Ukraine war package, seeks oversight and specifics about the destination of U.S. money and weapons. The House of Representatives, on May 10, approved President Biden's $33 billion package for the war in Ukraine, and then, on its own initiative, added $7 billion on top of it. That brought the new war spending authorization to $40 billion, on top of the $14 billion already spent just 10 weeks into this war, which U.S. officials predict will last years, not months. The House vote in favor was 368-57. All 57 NO votes were from GOP House members. All House Democrats, including the Squad, voted YES. A similar scene occurred when the Senate, "moving quickly and with little debate," overwhelmingly approved the same war package. All eleven NO votes were from Senate Republicans. All Senate Democrats, including Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), voted in favor, seemingly in direct contradiction to Sanders' February 8 op-ed in The...

#112. 25/05/2022 22:38Seven healthy habits linked to lower risk of dementia in those with genetic risk

Seven healthy habits and lifestyle factors may play a role in lowering the risk of dementia in people with the highest genetic risk, according to new research.

#113. 25/05/2022 22:37Washington's anti-China economic framework offers nothing to prospective members

On Monday, during his first official visit to Japan, US President Joe Biden announced the launch of a new project called the 'Indo-Pacific Economic Framework', which the White House claims to be an economic vision for Asia in an obvious bid to try and counter China. Thirteen countries have signed up to the agreement, including India, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and all of the ASEAN members, excluding Myanmar, Cambodia, and Laos (which are ostracized for being too pro-China). But what exactly does this agreement mean? And what does it offer and consist of? That's a good question, and most people are wondering the same thing. The Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) is not a trade deal, is not an investment agreement, not a treaty, and not an institution; it is an American slogan at best, a slogan which is really just focused on indirectly attacking China, rather than actually offering any serious economic commitments, a recognition that they have long lost the...

#114. 25/05/2022 22:37Missing link between Alzheimer's and vascular disease found?

A gene called FMNL2 may explain why people with hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, or obesity have a greater risk of developing Alzheimer's disease.

#115. 25/05/2022 22:37How mice choose the best escape route

Escaping imminent danger is essential for survival. Animals must learn a new environment fast enough for them to be able to choose the shortest route to safety. But how do they do this without ever having experienced threat in the new environment?

Categories: plants & animals biotechnology 

#117. 25/05/2022 22:36Hungary's Orban says EU summit should not discuss oil sanctions next week

The EU's proposed new sanctions against Russia, including an oil embargo, should not be discussed at next week's summit of the bloc's leaders, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a letter to the President of the European Council. In the letter, dated May 23rd and obtained by Reuters, Orban said it was unlikely a solution could be found by then, and that Hungary was not in a position to agree to the proposed EU sanctions until all outstanding issues are resolved. The European Commission this month proposed new sanctions against Russia but they require the unanimous support of all 27 EU member states and Hungary has blocked them. Orban reiterated his stance that "solutions must come before sanctions. Looking at the gravity of the issues still open, it is very unlikely that a comprehensive solution could be found before the special meeting of the European Council on 30-31 May. I am convinced that discussing the sanctions package at the level of leaders in the absence of a...

#118. 25/05/2022 22:24Backlash against Pakistan's military, as political crisis worsens

Pakistan plummets into political chaos a month after Imran Khan's ouster. But this time the military cannot step in to arbitrate, as they are now a focus of public anger. A month after the ouster of former prime minister Imran Khan, Pakistan has plunged into political instability, with dire implications for national security, if left unresolved. This situation is a result of the acute failure of state institutions - primarily the military and supreme court - to manage the country's political fallout since parliament ejected Khan in April. Numerous analysts have drawn parallels with the political crisis in Sri Lanka, suggesting that Pakistan could be heading in a similar direction i.e., a debt trap leading to insolvency and loss of sovereignty. However, if Islamabad re-establishes a political consensus that can safeguard its national interest, the Sri Lankan predicament can be easily avoided. Currently, Pakistan's political disarray remains severe enough that no single state...

#119. 25/05/2022 22:24États-Unis : après la fusillade au Texas, la position délicate du gouverneur Greg Abbott by Henrique VALADARES

Alors que les États-Unis sont en deuil après la fusillade dans la ville texane d’Uvalde, qui a fait mardi 21 morts, principalement des enfants, le débat sur le contrôle des armes est relancé. Le gouverneur du Texas, Greg Abbott, qui a regretté un drame "atroce et insensé" est sous le feu des critiques des citoyens et des chercheurs. Ces derniers pointent que cet ultra-conservateur a allégé les contrôles des armes à feu à plusieurs reprises et appelé les Texans à en acheter davantage.

Categories: amériques 

#124. 25/05/2022 22:02George Galloway sues Twitter in Dublin over 'Russian state-affiliated' label

Former British Labour MP George Galloway has taken a High Court action in Dublin against Twitter for defamation after it labelled his account "Russian state-affiliated media". The politician and broadcaster is also claiming in the legal proceedings that the social media company unlawfully processed his personal data by labelling and censoring his account. The 67-year-old presented The Mother of All Talkshows on the Russian state-owned Radio Sputnik service, and also presented Sputnik: Orbiting the World with George Galloway on the Kremlin-linked RT network, formerly known as Russia Today, until it was shut down with British government sanctions in March over the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Mr Galloway's talkshow continues to be broadcast on YouTube. The "Russian state-affiliated media" designation by Twitter appears on Mr Galloway's profile and on tweets posted on the network. Mr Galloway said in a statement that Twitter's "unjust labelling of honestly held political views is the...

#125. 25/05/2022 21:57Microsoft Dev Box will virtualize your Windows development PC in a browser window by Andrew Cunningham

Windows 365-powered VMs support variable hardware and software configs.

Categories: tech, windows 11 

#127. 25/05/2022 21:49Nomads fear losses as unseasonal snowfall triggers cold wave in Chenab valley, Kashmir, India

Cold wave conditions have engulfed the upper reaches of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban districts, triggering panic among the nomads who have started their bi-annual migration from the plains in the Union Territory and Punjab. Unseasonal snowfall in the higher reaches of Chenab Valley has left hundreds of nomadic families in distress as they are compelled to halt their onward journey along with their livestock. Cold wave conditions have engulfed the upper reaches of Doda, Kishtwar and Ramban districts, triggering panic among the nomads who have started their bi-annual migration from the plains in the Union Territory and Punjab. Officials said fresh snowfall was reported in Kailash Mountain Range, Kainthi, Padri Gali, Bhaal Padri, Seoj, Shankh Padar, Rishi Dal, Gau-Peeda, Gan-Thak, Khanni-top, Guldanda, Chattar Galla and Asha Pati Glacier surrounding Bhaderwah valley since Monday night.

#133. 25/05/2022 21:39La tuerie du Texas ternit l'image des Etats-Unis dans le monde by Par Shaun TANDON Washington AFP

La tuerie d'Uvalde, au Texas, a suscité l'horreur dans le monde entier, certains pays jugeant que ce nouveau massacre au fusil d'assaut interdisait à la puissance américaine de se prévaloir de représenter un modèle pour le reste du monde. Joe Biden, qui a fait de la défense du modèle démocratique... - Lire la suite sur © TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP - La tuerie du Texas ternit l'image des Etats-Unis dans le monde

#136. 25/05/2022 21:26Coup d'arrêt au burkini dans les piscines de Grenoble by Par Am lie HERENSTEIN Grenoble AFP

Le tribunal administratif de Grenoble a suspendu mercredi une très controversée disposition autorisant le port du burkini dans les piscines de la ville, au coeur d'un bras de fer entre le maire écologiste Eric Piolle et une grande partie de la classe politique. L’exécution de l’article 10 du... - Lire la suite sur © JEAN-PIERRE CLATOT / AFP/Archives - Coup d'arrêt au burkini dans les piscines de Grenoble

#137. 25/05/2022 21:26Public Blockchain Technology in Energy Market Size, Scope, Forecast to 2028 Keyplayers | Ibm, Microsoft, Accenture, Consensys, Infosys – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#138. 25/05/2022 21:23New study reveals how bat brains are organized for echolocation and flight

A new study shows how the brains of Egyptian fruit bats are highly specialized for echolocation and flight, with motor areas of the cerebral cortex that are dedicated to sonar production and wing control. The work by researchers at UC Davis and UC Berkeley was published May 25 in Current Biology.

Categories: plants & animals evolution 

#139. 25/05/2022 21:22Blood vessels originating from lymphatic vessels are found to be tailored to specific functions

Our family origins tend to shape our future in many ways. A Weizmann Institute of Science study, published today in Nature, found that the same holds true for blood vessels. The researchers discovered blood vessels forming from unexpected progenitors and went on to show that this unusual origin determines the vessels' future function.

Categories: cell & microbiology 

#141. 25/05/2022 21:19Denali's historic, lingering snow season is affecting the park's wildlife in Alaska - snowiest in 99 years of record keeping

Denali National Park is still melting out from its snowiest winter season in 99 years of record keeping. The unusually heavy, lingering snow is affecting park wildlife. Summer operations resumed on May 20, but park public affairs officer Sharon Stiteler says conditions along the Park Road are lagging behind the calendar. "It definitely looks like winter when you're out at about mile 10 and you're looking into the tundra. I mean, it's still very snow-covered," she said. The Park Service headquarters got 176 inches of snow this winter, besting the 1970-71 record of nearly 174 inches. As of May 15, there were still 33 inches of snow on the ground at Park headquarters — by far the most on record so late in the season.

#143. 25/05/2022 21:17Common prostate cancer medications may be less safe than previously thought

Men taking either of the two most common oral medications for advanced prostate cancer who had also undergone hormone therapy to treat their disease were at higher risk of serious metabolic or cardiovascular issues than patients who were only receiving hormone therapy, researchers found.

#144. 25/05/2022 21:17Tiny robotic crab is smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot

Engineers have developed the smallest-ever remote-controlled walking robot -- and it comes in the form of a tiny, adorable peekytoe crab. Just a half-millimeter wide, the tiny crabs can bend, twist, crawl, walk, turn and even jump. Although the research is exploratory at this point, the researchers believe their technology might bring the field closer to realizing micro-sized robots that can perform practical tasks inside tightly confined spaces.

#152. 25/05/2022 21:01"Sick son of a bitch": Beto O'Rourke crashes school shooting press conference

Former Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke crashed a press conference by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday, interrupting the event to push for gun control following the massacre of 19 students and two teachers at Robb Elementary school in Uvalde, Texas. "This was totally predictable" O'Rourke can be heard shouting, adding "The time to stop the next shooting is now, and you are doing nothing." "This is on you," he exclaimed. To which Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin shouted back: "You're out of line.. I can't believe you're a sick son of a bitch who would come to a deal like this to make a political issue." Watch:

#154. 25/05/2022 21:00Grenoble : la justice suspend la disposition municipale autorisant le burkini dans les piscines

Le tribunal administratif de Grenoble a suspendu mercredi une disposition du nouveau règlement des piscines municipales de la ville autorisant le port du burkini, estimant qu’il « (porte) gravement...

#155. 25/05/2022 21:00La compagnie morlaisienne Celeste prendra son envol cet été

Celeste, nouvelle compagnie aérienne bretonne, a installé ses bureaux cette semaine à l’aéroport de Morlaix. Ses co-fondateurs annoncent les premiers vols pour cet été, au départ de Brest. Le plan...

#156. 25/05/2022 21:00La compagnie morlaisienne Celeste prendra son envol cet été

Celeste, nouvelle compagnie aérienne bretonne, a installé ses bureaux cette semaine à l’aéroport de Morlaix. Ses co-fondateurs annoncent les premiers vols pour cet été, au départ de Brest. Le plan...

#158. 25/05/2022 20:56Lasers reveal 'lost' pre-Hispanic civilization deep in the Amazon

Millions of lasers shot from a helicopter flying over the Amazon basin have revealed evidence of unknown settlements built by a "lost" pre-Hispanic civilization, resolving a long-standing scientific debate about whether the region could sustain a large population, a new study finds. The findings indicate the mysterious Casarabe people — who lived in the Llanos de Mojos region of the Amazon basin between A.D. 500 and 1400 — were much more numerous than previously thought, and that they had developed an extensive civilization that was finely adapted to the unique environment they lived in, according to the study, published online Wednesday (May 25) in the journal Nature. The study researchers used airborne lidar — "light detection and ranging," in which thousands of infrared laser pulses are bounced every second off the terrain to reveal archaeological structures beneath dense vegetation — and discovered several unknown settlements within a network of roads, causeways, reservoirs and...

#159. 25/05/2022 20:55Is diversity the key to collaboration? New AI research suggests so by Kylie Foy MIT Lincoln Laboratory

A new training approach yields artificial intelligence that adapts to diverse play-styles in a cooperative game, in what could be a win for human-AI teaming.

Categories: lincoln laboratory, artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms, human-computer interaction, gaming, research 

#161. 25/05/2022 20:54Un an avec sursis requis contre l’ex-ministre Alain Griset, jugé pour abus de confiance

Poursuivi notamment pour « abus de confiance », l’ancien ministre délégué aux PME (2020-2021), 68 ans, a assuré devant le tribunal correctionnel avoir commis « une maladresse », mais ni...

#162. 25/05/2022 20:43What is Smart Access Storage? How AMD plans to kill load times by Jacob Roach

AMD announced Smart Access Storage alongside Ryzen 7000 CPUs. We break down what it is, how it works, and how you can enable it on your system.

Categories: computing, guides, amd, amd ryzen 7000, computex 2022, pc gaming 

#163. 25/05/2022 20:37Cryogenic electron microscopy reveals drug targets against common fungus

Most people carry the fungus Candida albicans on their bodies without it causing many problems. However, a systemic infection with this fungus is dangerous and difficult to treat. Few antimicrobials are effective, and drug resistance is increasing. An international group of scientists, including Albert Guskov, associate professor at the University of Groningen, have used single-particle cryogenic electron microscopy to determine the structure of the fungal ribosome. Their results, which were published in Science Advances on 25 May, reveal a potential target for new drugs.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#166. 25/05/2022 20:33Monkeypox Vaccine Funded By Fauci Was Approved By The FDA in 2019 by Niamh Harris

The spread of monkeypox has boosted the shares of a Danish biotech company called Bavarian Nordic A/S, which say it’s the only one to make a vaccine approved for the viral infection. According to CEO [...]

The post Monkeypox Vaccine Funded By Fauci Was Approved By The FDA in 2019 appeared first on News Punch.

Categories: news, world 

#170. 25/05/2022 20:25Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Market Size And Forecast | AIBrain, Amazon, Anki, CloudMinds, Deepmind, Google, Facebook, IBM, Iris AI, Apple – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#172. 25/05/2022 20:23Celebrities Blame Republicans For Texas School Shooting: ‘F**k the GOP & Their Obsession with Guns’ by Niamh Harris

Celebrities have wasted no to time to capitalize on the horrific school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday. Alyssa Milano, Rob Reiner, Elizabeth Banks, Bette Midler, Piper Perabo, and Stephen King were among those who [...]

The post Celebrities Blame Republicans For Texas School Shooting: ‘F**k the GOP & Their Obsession with Guns’ appeared first on News Punch.

Categories: news, us 

#173. 25/05/2022 20:21Après le drame de Plogoff, plus d’un millier de personnes à la marche blanche à Audierne

Plus d’un millier de personnes ont rendu hommage, ce mercredi 25 mai, à Audierne (29), à la famille qui a péri sur la digue de Pors Loubous, à Plogoff, le jeudi 19 mai. Ce mercredi 25 mai, dans la...

#176. 25/05/2022 20:15Grenoble: la justice suspend la disposition municipale autorisant le burkini dans les piscines by Par AFP Grenoble

Le tribunal administratif de Grenoble a suspendu mercredi une disposition du nouveau règlement des piscines municipales de la ville autorisant le port du burkini, estimant qu'il "(porte) gravement atteinte au principe de neutralité du service public". Le tribunal se prononçait suite au dépôt par le... - Lire la suite sur ©DR - Grenoble: la justice suspend la disposition municipale autorisant le burkini dans les piscines

#180. 25/05/2022 20:10Google urged to stop collecting phone location data before Roe v. Wade reversal by Jon Brodkin

Lawmakers pressure Google on Android privacy after leak of Supreme Court ruling.

Categories: policy, google 

#185. 25/05/2022 20:04The (fossil) eyes have it: Evidence that an ancient owl hunted in daylight by Ars Contributors

The structure of bones around the eye indicate a small pupil that let in less light.

Categories: science, birds, evolution, fossils, owls, paleontology 

#193. 25/05/2022 19:58A novel environmental DNA monitoring method for identifying rare and endangered fish species sold in markets

In a paper recently published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution, researchers in the Conservation Forensics Lab at The University of Hong Kong have outlined a powerful new tool for monitoring trade of rare and endangered fish species in Hong Kong wet markets. Using environmental DNA (eDNA) present in the drain runoff water of fish markets, researchers were able to extract and sequence enough DNA to identify over 100 species of fish that had passed through the market.

Categories: ecology molecular & computational biology 

#195. 25/05/2022 19:58Après le carnage d’Uvalde, les larmes face aux armes aux États-Unis

La tuerie dans l’école d’Uvalde, au Texas, qui a coûté la vie à 21 personnes, dont 19 enfants, relance une nouvelle fois le débat sur la possession d’armes à feu aux États-Unis. Joe Biden s’est dit...

#196. 25/05/2022 19:55Computer Recycling Market Size And Forecast | Sims Recycling Solutions, Eletronic Recyclers International, Kuusakoski, Umicore, Waste Management, Gem, Stena Metall Group, GEEP, Dongjiang, Electrocycling – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#199. 25/05/2022 19:50Snap, crackle, pop: Healthy coral reefs are brimming with noise

A healthy coral reef is loud. Like a busy city, the infrastructure leads to more organisms and activity, and more background noise. Every time an invertebrate drags their hard shell over the coral, or a fish takes a bite of its food, they add to the soundscape.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#200. 25/05/2022 19:50"L’Otan se sert des Ukrainiens pour faire saigner les Russes" Emmanuel Leroy

« Cette guerre entre l’Otan et la Russie est une lutte finale entre deux systèmes qui s’affrontent ». Nous avons eu le plaisir de recevoir Emmanuel Leroy, politologue spécialiste de la Russie et président de l’association humanitaire "Urgence Enfants du Donbass". Début mai 2022, ce dernier s’est... - Lire la suite sur F.Froger / Z9, pour FranceSoir - "L’Otan se sert des Ukrainiens pour faire saigner les Russes" Emmanuel Leroy

#202. 25/05/2022 19:49Google Hardware’s latest weird defect: Quickly deteriorating phone cases by Ron Amadeo

Reddit and Amazon users say the expensive phone cases haven't held up.

Categories: tech 

#205. 25/05/2022 19:47How do smallholders transform to sustainable production in North China?

Smallholders are the main body of China's agricultural producers, numbering about 203 million, accounting for 98% of all kinds of agricultural production enterprises. They often invest excess resources in the production process, and the efficiency of their resource utilization is low, resulting in serious environmental impacts, such as air pollution, soil degradation, eutrophication, and resource scarcity.

Categories: agriculture 

#208. 25/05/2022 19:43All-Black Climbing Team Makes History Reaching Top of Everest, Inspiring Diverse Adventurers by Andy Corbley

This month, seven members of an all-Black mountain climbing team summited Mount Everest, helped along by eight Sherpa guides. Even though hundreds line up to climb Everest every year, only ten Black people have surmounted the highest peak on Earth before, including only one Black woman, and one Black American. “I am deeply honored to […]

The post All-Black Climbing Team Makes History Reaching Top of Everest, Inspiring Diverse Adventurers appeared first on Good News Network.

Categories: inspiring, sports, african-american, adventure, women, travel, records 

#209. 25/05/2022 19:42Secrets of thymus formation revealed

The thymus is a crucial organ of the immune system. In the thymus, the well-known T cells mature: As killer cells, they recognize and destroy virus-infected or malignant cells, and as so-called helper T cells they assist the body in antibody formation. In the last decades, Thomas Boehm's research group at the Max Planck Institute of Immunobiology and Epigenetics in Freiburg has identified the genetic switches required for T cell maturation in the thymus.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#210. 25/05/2022 19:40Artificial Intelligence in Stadium Market Size And Forecast | Allgovision Technologies Pvt., Byrom Plc, Centurylink, Cisco Systems, Dignia Systems, Ericsson Ab, Fujitsu, Gp Smart Stadium, Hawk-Eye, Huawei Enterprise – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#211. 25/05/2022 19:35Afghanistan: au moins 12 morts dans quatre attentats, revendication de l'EI by Par AFP Kaboul

Au moins douze personnes ont été tuées mercredi en Afghanistan dans quatre attentats à la bombe, trois contre des minibus à Mazar-i-Sharif (Nord), revendiqués par l'EI et un contre une mosquée dans la capitale Kaboul, selon les autorités. A Mazar-i-Sharif, la grande ville du nord, "les bombes ont... - Lire la suite sur © - / AFP - Afghanistan: au moins 12 morts dans quatre attentats, revendication de l'EI

#213. 25/05/2022 19:35Artificial Intelligence Chipsets Market 2022 Report Covers Top Key Players Profiling – Google Inc. (US), IBM Corp. (US), NVIDIA Corporation (US), FinGenius Ltd. (UK), Numenta, Inc. (US) – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#214. 25/05/2022 19:32Qui est Salvador Ramos, l’adolescent qui a tué 21 personnes dont 19 enfants dans une école du Texas

Un adolescent de 18 ans a ouvert le feu dans une école au Texas mardi soir, tuant 21 personnes dont 19 enfants. Jeune homme isolé en rupture scolaire, le profil du tueur se précise. L’adolescent de...

#215. 25/05/2022 19:32Qui est Salvador Ramos, l’adolescent qui a tué 21 personnes dont 19 enfants dans une école du Texas

Un adolescent de 18 ans a ouvert le feu dans une école au Texas mardi soir, tuant 21 personnes dont 19 enfants. Jeune homme isolé en rupture scolaire, le profil du tueur se précise. L’adolescent de...

#223. 25/05/2022 19:20Colombie: "mort présumée" d'un chef dissident de l'ex-guérilla des FARC by Par Herv BAR Bogota AFP

Le ministre de la Défense colombien, Diego Molano, a fait état mercredi de la "mort présumée" de l'un des principaux chefs dissidents de l'ex-guérilla des FARC, tué début mai au Venezuela. "Des sources de renseignement révèlent la mort présumée de +Gentil Duarte+ dans l'Etat vénézuélien de Zulia au... - Lire la suite sur © - / COLOMBIAN MINISTRY OF DEFENSE/AFP - Colombie: "mort présumée" d'un chef dissident de l'ex-guérilla des FARC

#224. 25/05/2022 19:18Fusillade au Texas : retour du débat sur les armes au cœur d'une Amérique endeuillée by FRANCE 24

L'auteur de la tuerie à Uvalde, qui a assassiné 19 enfants et deux enseignants avant d'être abattu par la police mardi, était un adolescent de 18 ans en conflit familial, isolé et en décrochage scolaire qui avait annoncé son geste sur Facebook. Le président Joe Biden se rendra au Texas dans les prochains jours. 

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#227. 25/05/2022 19:15Artificial Intelligence-Emotion Recognition Market Size And Forecast | Microsoft, Softbank, Realeyes, INTRAface, Apple, IBM, Eyeris, Beyond Verbal, Affectiva, Kairos AR – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#230. 25/05/2022 19:12Secrets of thymus formation revealed

Scientists have identified processes that control the development and composition of thymic tissue throughout life. Specifically, they were able to show that a certain growth factor can maintain progenitor cells even in the aging thymus and thus counteract the age-related shrinkage of the organ and the reduction in the number of powerful immune cells. The results provide new avenues for therapeutic approaches to autoimmune diseases.

#231. 25/05/2022 19:12Artificial cilia could someday power diagnostic devices

Researchers have now designed a micro-sized artificial cilial system using platinum-based components that can control the movement of fluids at such a scale. The technology could someday enable low-cost, portable diagnostic devices for testing blood samples, manipulating cells or assisting in microfabrication processes.

#232. 25/05/2022 19:11Study reveals cause, potential precision therapies for aggressive type of lymphoma

DNA mutations are essential to the rapid development of an array of antibody-producing immune cells called B cells that collectively can recognize a vast number of specific targets. But this process can go awry in people with a mutation in a gene called SETD2, leading to a type of aggressive blood cancer, according to a new study.

#236. 25/05/2022 19:04Variole du singe: Roche développe des tests PCR de détection du virus

Le géant pharmaceutique suisse Roche a annoncé mercredi avoir développé des tests PCR de détection du virus de la variole du singe, après l'apparition de plusieurs cas dans des régions du monde où la maladie n'est pas courante. Ces tests ont été mis au point par Roche et sa filiale TIB Molbiol, "en réponse aux cas d'infection par le virus de la variole simienne qui ont récemment suscité des inquiétudes", indique-t-il dans un communiqué. "Roche a très rapidement développé une nouvelle série de tests pour la détection du virus de la variole simienne et le suivi de sa propagation", a observé le directeur de la division Diagnostics de Roche, cité dans le communiqué.

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#238. 25/05/2022 19:00Lidar reveals networks of pre-Columbian cities and towns in Bolivia by Kiona N Smith

The western Amazon basin was home to its own pre-Columbian civilization, the Casarabe.

Categories: science, aerial archaeology, airborne archaeology, ancient people did stuff, archaeology, bolivia, casarabe culture, indigenous south america, lidar, pre-columbian civilizations 

#243. 25/05/2022 18:53Joint Statement from the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom on the establishment of the Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA) for Ukraine by Office of the Spokesperson

Office of the Spokesperson

Begin text:

Today, the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom announced the creation of the Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA), a mechanism aimed at ensuring efficient coordination of their respective support to accountability efforts on the ground. The ACA will reinforce current EU, US and UK efforts to further accountability for atrocity crimes in the context of Russia’s ongoing war of aggression against Ukraine. It advances commitments made by the European Union, the United States, and the United Kingdom to demonstrate international support and solidarity at this crucial historical moment for Ukraine.

The overarching mission of the ACA is to support the War Crimes Units of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (OPG) in its investigation and prosecution of conflict-related crimes. The ACA seeks to streamline coordination and communication efforts to ensure best practices, avoid duplication of efforts, and encourage the expeditious deployment of financial resources and skilled personnel to respond to the needs of the OPG as the legally constituted authority in Ukraine responsible for dealing with the prosecution of war crimes on its own territory.

EU High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell said: “It is critical to ensure that all those responsible for the terrible atrocities committed during the unprovoked Russian military aggression in Ukraine are brought to justice. There can be no impunity for war crimes. The Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group will be providing advice and supporting the ongoing efforts of Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s War Crimes Units to collect, preserve, and analyze evidence of atrocities to help the investigations and ensure justice takes its course.”

US Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken said: “This initiative will directly support efforts by the Ukrainian Office of the Prosecutor General to document, preserve, and analyze evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed by members of Russia’s forces in Ukraine, with a view toward criminal prosecutions.  The ACA is an essential element of the United States’ commitment that those responsible for such crimes will be held to account.”

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said: We are determined to ensure those responsible for the vile atrocities committed in Ukraine are held to account. The UK has already made a clear commitment to supporting Ukraine in its investigations, including through deploying war crimes experts to the region and releasing additional funding to aid the ICC in their investigations. We are now stepping up our efforts through this landmark initiative with our partners in the US and EU. Justice will be done.

General Prosecutor of Ukraine, Iryna Venediktova said“There is ample evidence of the atrocities committed by Russia’s forces on the territory of Ukraine against civilians, including children. The creation of this support group and the advice of international experts with experience in other international criminal tribunals and national criminal law practice will help the ongoing work of our teams in investigating and prosecuting these crimes.”

Operational support

The ACA will bring together multinational experts to provide strategic advice and operational assistance to OPG specialists and other stakeholders in areas such as collection and preservation of evidence, operational analysis, investigation of conflict-related sexual violence, crime scene and forensic investigations, drafting of indictments, and co-operation with international and national accountability mechanisms. This engagement with the OPG and other justice, law enforcement and security agencies of Ukraine has been and will continue to be driven by the needs of the Ukrainian government and the parameters of its support will be developed in close consultation with the OPG.    To this end, it will closely associate its activities with the ongoing operational work taking place in cooperation with EU Member States, partner third countries and the International Criminal Court, including the Joint Investigation Team coordinated by Eurojust.

The ACA brings together a multi-national group of war crimes experts from European Union countries, the United States, the United Kingdom and other countries. Due to the current security situation in Ukraine, the experts are primarily based in south-eastern Poland but are operationally engaged in Ukraine, including by means of short-term missions and on-site interaction with the OPG staff and other international partners engaged. As the security situation permits, it is anticipated that experts and support staff will relocate entirely to Ukraine.

The ACA activity will cover coordination of two key elements:

  • Advisory Group to the OPG: Experienced senior war crimes prosecutors, investigators, military analysts, forensic specialists, and other experts based in the region on an ongoing basis provide expertise, mentoring, advice and operational support to the OPG and to the field-level Mobile Justice Teams, as well as a wider range of state and non-state actors.
  • Mobile Justice Teams: Several Mobile Justice Teams (MJTs) are being created and deployed to increase the capacity of the OPG War Crimes Unit and regional prosecutors to conduct field investigations. The MJTs will be composed of both international and Ukrainian experts and will be deployed at the request of the OPG to assist Ukraine’s investigators on the ground. They will be part of the holistic chain for documentation, investigation and prosecution of grave international crimes that is led by the OPG.

The ACA is supported by the U.S. State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice (GCJ) and Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). ACA partners include the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, Global Rights Compliance, and the International Development Law Organization (IDLO). On the EU side, coordination will be ensured by the European External Action Service (EEAS), through the EU Delegation to Ukraine, in coordination with the European Commission, the EU Project Pravo-Justice II and the EU Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM). The UK contribution will be coordinated by the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) and other relevant UK Government Departments.


The ACA is an operational hub that coordinates assistance in response to the technical and legal needs of the Government of Ukraine to hold perpetrators of international crimes to account. It constitutes one essential component of a broader multilateral effort to support Ukraine.

End Text

#247. 25/05/2022 18:49Students Learn at Graduation the Snapchat Founder Paid Off Their College Debt With More Than $10 Million by Andy Corbley

Graduating seniors at an LA arts school were overwhelmed with joy when, getting ready to make the walk in cap and gown, they heard they would be receiving more than just a diploma. The 284-strong Class of 2022 from Otis College of Art and Design would have their entire student loan debt paid off by […]

The post Students Learn at Graduation the Snapchat Founder Paid Off Their College Debt With More Than $10 Million appeared first on Good News Network.

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#248. 25/05/2022 18:48Launch of the Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA) for Ukraine by Antony J Blinken Secretary of State

Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State

The United States, along with the European Union and the United Kingdom, has created the Atrocity Crimes Advisory Group (ACA).  This joint initiative will directly support the efforts of the War Crimes Units of the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine (OPG) to document, preserve, and analyze evidence of war crimes and other atrocities committed in Ukraine, with a view toward criminal prosecutions.  As we launch this initiative, the Department of State will continue to work closely with the Department of Justice and other partners to support the pursuit of justice and accountability. As the recent joint statement  issued by the Attorney General and his international counterparts makes clear, we are united across the globe in our resolve to hold perpetrators responsible.

Evidence of atrocities by members of Russia’s forces in Ukraine continues to mount.  Initially, this violence took the form of bombardments and missile and artillery strikes hitting densely-populated cities and towns, causing thousands of civilian deaths and destruction of civilian infrastructure.  Later, when journalists, human rights defenders, and Ukrainian officials gained access to areas following the retreat of Russia’s forces, we saw reports of violence of a different order — credible reports of unarmed civilians shot in the back; individuals killed execution-style with their hands bound; bodies showing signs of torture; and horrific accounts of sexual violence against women and girls.  Most recently, credible reports are emerging of Ukrainian children being forcibly transferred out of the country.

The establishment of this multilateral accountability effort, therefore, comes at a critical time. The ACA will provide strategic advice and operational assistance to the War Crimes Units of the OPG, the legally constituted authority responsible for prosecuting war crimes and other atrocities in Ukraine. Although the United States and our partners are supporting a range of international efforts to pursue accountability for atrocities, the OPG will play a crucial role in ensuring that those responsible for war crimes and other atrocities are held accountable.  The ACA is an essential element of the United States’ commitment that those responsible for such crimes will be held to account.

The ACA’s assistance to the War Crimes Units of the OPG includes expanded funding for the work of a multi-national team of international prosecutors and other war crimes experts already deployed to the region.  This interdisciplinary team is providing strategic advice and operational assistance in areas such as collection and preservation of evidence, military analysis, investigation of conflict-related sexual violence, and co-operation with international and national accountability mechanisms. In this regard, the ACA will liaise with the Department of Justice as it pursues accountability in U.S. courts.

The ACA will streamline coordination and communication efforts to ensure best practices, avoid duplication of efforts, and encourage the expeditious deployment of financial resources and skilled personnel to respond to the needs of the OPG. The ACA’s engagement with the OPG and other justice, law enforcement, and security agencies of Ukraine has been, and will continue to be, driven by the needs of the Ukrainian government, and the parameters of its support will be developed in close consultation with the OPG.

We look forward to working with Madame Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktova to further the cause of justice for the people of Ukraine. At the same time, our Department of Justice and other law enforcement agencies will be vigilant in doing our part to promote accountability for the war crimes and other atrocities being committed by Russia’s forces.

More information about the ACA can be found here:

#249. 25/05/2022 18:44Au procès du crash de la Yemenia, la "disparition" des morts et "l'amour des vivants" by Par Anne LEC HVIEN Paris AFP

Ils ont brutalement perdu leur mère, leur soeur ou leur fils et n'ont, souvent, pas pu l'enterrer. Des proches des victimes du crash de la Yemenia en 2009 au large des Comores ont témoigné mercredi à Paris de leur difficile deuil et de leurs espoirs. Ce sont des jours "très forts en émotion,... - Lire la suite sur © Thomas SAMSON / AFP/Archives - Au procès du crash de la Yemenia, la "disparition" des morts et "l'amour des vivants"

#251. 25/05/2022 18:37US negotiator says odds against reviving Iran deal

The US pointman on Iran warned Wednesday it was more likely than not that talks would fail to revive a nuclear deal as he vowed no let-up in pressure if Tehran clings to its demands.

Rob Malley, who has led more than a year of indirect talks with Iran in Vienna, nonetheless told lawmakers that President Joe Biden's administration still supported the 2015 nuclear accord and was ready to lift sanctions if it secures an agreement.

#252. 25/05/2022 18:37Turkey says warming Israel ties will help Palestinians

Turkey's diplomatic thaw with Israel will help the Palestinians, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Wednesday during the first trip to Israel by Ankara's top diplomat in 15 years.

Cavusoglu, who met Palestinian officials in the occupied West Bank on Tuesday, was in Jerusalem as Turkey and Israel seek to mend ties which began to fray following an Israeli military operation in the Gaza Strip in 2008.

Ties fully collapsed in 2010 when Israeli forces stormed a Turkish aid ship bound for the blockaded Gaza Strip, in a botched operation that claimed the lives of 10 Turks.

#253. 25/05/2022 18:37Florida wildlife officials say some manatee food growing

Wildlife officials working to prevent threatened Florida manatees from starving to death say they're encouraged that some of the marine mammals' favorite food is growing naturally in a key area.

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#254. 25/05/2022 18:36Au procès du 13-Novembre, la "violence" d'après les attentats by Par Marie DHUMIERES Paris AFP

Les attentats, puis la "violence" de l'après. Au procès du 13-Novembre, des avocats des parties civiles ont donné à voir mercredi dans leurs plaidoiries les nuances de souffrances endurées par les victimes des attaques qui ont fait 130 morts à Paris et Saint-Denis. Pendant des semaines à l'audience... - Lire la suite sur © Benoit PEYRUCQ / AFP/Archives - Au procès du 13-Novembre, la "violence" d'après les attentats

#255. 25/05/2022 18:36From drones to sensors, Malaysian durian grower goes high-tech

Drones spraying pesticide, sensors taking soil readings, sprinklers that squirt fertiliser at the touch of a button—a Malaysian plantation is using high-tech methods to boost its crop of pungent durians.

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#258. 25/05/2022 18:33Financial analyst: US engineering artificial Russian default

The latest US decision to not extend the general license waiver that allows Russia to make sovereign debt payments is an attempt to force the sanctions-hit nation into an "artificial default," according to Kyle Shostak, the director & CEO at Navigator Principal Investors. The move will "effectively turn Russia's liabilities to the category of default as it is commonly understood and interpreted by international rating agencies," Shostak said in an interview with TASS. "This situation can be called nothing but enforcement of an artificial default, as Russia now has enough funds to service its external debt."

#260. 25/05/2022 18:31Russian Ambassador to UK: London pushing Kiev 'down warpath'

London is continuing to push Ukraine "down the warpath" by providing military support and arms deliveries, Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrey Kelin claimed on Tuesday. He added that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky "every other day," and apparently "does not let him to turn off this path." "London has been driving Kiev down the warpath with all its might, this is important, and has not allowed it to turn away, voicing new initiatives. There are constant reports that new weapons are about to be delivered," the ambassador said in an interview with Rossiya 24 TV channel. Meanwhile, London is trying to "isolate" Russian diplomats to make it more difficult for them to communicate Moscow's position, Kelin added, including in relation to the military conflict in Ukraine.

#261. 25/05/2022 18:29Ex-Indian FM explains why Quad neglected Ukraine

India "prevailed" in ensuring that a joint statement with the US, Japan, and Australia did not mention or condemn Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, former Foreign Minister Kanwal Sibal told RT. Sibal explained that the eyes of the 'Quad' should remain focused on the Indo-Pacific, and New Delhi has no quarrel with Moscow. The leaders of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue issued a joint statement on Tuesday following a summit in Tokyo, Japan. The statement largely focused on security issues in the South China Sea and Asia more broadly, and Ukraine was briefly mentioned as a "tragic conflict" and a "humanitarian crisis," which all four leaders discussed their responses to. The Quad leaders referenced "respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity," but did not condemn or even name Moscow. Sibal, a veteran diplomat who served as India's foreign minister between 2001 and 2002, told RT on Tuesday that this was not an accidental oversight.

#262. 25/05/2022 18:26Variole du singe : assez de vaccins pour les cas contact, selon la ministre de la Santé

Après la découverte de nouveaux cas de variole du singe en France, la ministre de la Santé assure bénéficier d’assez de vaccins pour les cas contacts. Selon Santé Publique France, ces derniers se...

#263. 25/05/2022 18:25How to update your BIOS by Kunal Khullar

Updating your BIOS can bring new features, stability fixes, or even performance improvements. Here's how to update the BIOS of your PC.

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#264. 25/05/2022 18:23New research into AMP-activated protein kinase could make cancer treatments more efficient

A team led by Professor of Biology, Senior Vice Provost of Research at NYU Abu Dhabi, and UAE national Sehamuddin Galadari, has discovered a novel structural modification in AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) during anticancer therapy that could pave the way for the development of more effective cancer treatments.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#267. 25/05/2022 18:18Genetic roots of three mitochondrial diseases identified via new approach

When something goes wrong in mitochondria, the tiny organelles that power cells, it can cause a bewildering variety of symptoms such as poor growth, fatigue and weakness, seizures, developmental and cognitive disabilities, and vision problems. The culprit could be a defect in any of the 1,300 or so proteins that make up mitochondria, but scientists have very little idea what many of those proteins do, making it difficult to identify the faulty protein and treat the condition.

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#274. 25/05/2022 18:15Security Awareness Computer-Based Training Market Size And Forecast | KnowBe4, Cofense (PhishMe), InfoSec Institute, Proofpoint, SANS Institute, Terranova, Inspired eLearning, Ninjio, MediaPRO, The Defence Works – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#275. 25/05/2022 18:15Logitech revisite sa gamme MX Master avec sa souris phare et deux claviers mécaniques by Matthieu Legouge

Il y a du nouveau chez Logitech ! Le fabricant renouvelle et élargit sa gamme MX Master à l’aide de deux claviers mécaniques, les MX Mechanical et MX Mechanical Mini, et d’une nouvelle souris MX Master 3S. De quoi contenter ceux qui souhaitent concilier les sensations mécaniques à la bureautique !

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#278. 25/05/2022 18:14Regrow, not reuse: How restoring abandoned farms can mitigate climate change

Around the world, hundreds of millions of acres of land are being abandoned due to what's known as "rural outmigration," or people leaving for urban centers. Some people leave in search of economic prosperity. Others are forced out due to conflict or the effects of climate change. Together with globalization and mechanization, these population shifts are changing the economics of farming in these areas, causing less productive lands to be abandoned.

Categories: ecology agriculture 

#280. 25/05/2022 18:12Hot-blooded T. rex and cold-blooded Stegosaurus: Chemical clues reveal dinosaur metabolism

For decades, paleontologists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded, like modern mammals and birds, or cold-blooded, like modern reptiles. Knowing whether dinosaurs were warm- or cold-blooded could give us hints about how active they were and what their everyday lives were like, but the methods to determine their warm- or cold-bloodedness—how quickly their metabolisms could turn oxygen into energy—were inconclusive. But in a new paper in Nature, scientists are unveiling a new method for studying dinosaurs' metabolic rates, using clues in their bones that indicated how much the individual animals breathed in their last hour of life.

Categories: paleontology & fossils 

#290. 25/05/2022 18:00Meurtre de Claire Bouchaud : le procès en appel de Simon Jégou s’ouvre le 2 juin

Condamné en 2021 à 30 ans de réclusion pour le meurtre de sa compagne Claire Bouchaud, Simon Jégou sera jugé en appel à Rennes du 2 au 10 juin. Il nie toujours les faits. Du 2 au 10 juin 2022,...

#295. 25/05/2022 17:55McKinsey : la fausse enquête ? – JT du mercredi 25 mai 2022 by Gildas Ailes

A la une de cette édition, retour sur le scandale McKinsey avec Florian Philippot. A l’occasion de la perquisition à Paris du cabinet de conseil, le président des Patriotes nous dit tout de ce sujet majeur passé sous silence pendant l’élection présidentielle. Nous irons ensuite à la rencontre des soignants qui ont refusé de se […]

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#298. 25/05/2022 17:53Vivendi détient la majorité du capital de Lagardère après la première phase de son OPA

À l’issue de la première phase de son OPA, le groupe Vivendi détient désormais 55,4 % du capital de Lagardère. Le géant français des médias Vivendi, maison mère de Canal +, Havas et Editis, détient...

#300. 25/05/2022 17:51Dieselgate : Volkswagen indemnisera les automobilistes britanniques

Le constructeur automobile allemand Volkswagen a accepté mercredi de payer 193 millions de livres (226 millions d’euros) pour indemniser 91 000 automobilistes britanniques qui s’estimaient lésés...

#303. 25/05/2022 17:49Computer Security Market Size And Forecast | Microsoft Corporation, Check Point Software Technologies, IBM Corporation, Broadcom, Zscaler, Sophos Ltd., Cisco Systems, F5 Networks, Palo Alto Networks, Proofpoint – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#306. 25/05/2022 17:46Ambitious Brain Recordings Create Unprecedented Portrait of Vision in Action

"This is the first study of vision in which neural activity has been recorded at cellular resolution across the entire visual cortex". "Stanford scientists recorded the individual activity of thousands of neurons from eight different brain areas over several days, while animals repeatedly performed a visual discrimination task. What emerges is a detailed picture of how the brain processes visual cue" Link:

submitted by /u/Longjumping_Fly_2978
[link] [comments]

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#310. 25/05/2022 17:37Affaire Damien Abad : la justice n'ouvre pas d'enquête "en l'état" sur les accusations de viols by FRANCE 24

Le parquet de Paris a indiqué, mercredi, qu'il n'ouvrait pas d'enquête préliminaire "en l'état" sur les accusations de violences sexuelles visant le nouveau ministre des Solidarités, Damien Abad. En cause, le manque d'élément "permettant d'identifier la victime des faits dénoncés".

Categories: france 

#311. 25/05/2022 17:37Fast-breeding sea urchin provides new model for genetic research

Many people may not realize that the humble sea urchin is a titan when it comes to the study of biology. Now, researchers from Japan have discovered that sea urchins could help biological studies go further than ever before.

Categories: plants & animals molecular & computational biology 

#312. 25/05/2022 17:34Computer-Controlled Surgical Cutting Tool Market Size And Forecast | Medtronic plc, BioArctic Neuroscience AB Company, InSightec Ltd., Mayo Clinic Company, Cizeta Surgical Company, Xylos Corporation – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#316. 25/05/2022 17:26Palaeospondylus: Long-standing mystery of vertebrate evolution solved using powerful X-rays

The Evolutionary Morphology Laboratory led by Shigeru Kuratani at the RIKEN Cluster for Pioneering Research (CPR) in Japan, along with collaborators, has found evidence that the mysterious ancient fish-like vertebrate Palaeospondylus was likely one of the earliest ancestors of four-limbed animals, including humans. Published May 25 in the scientific journal Nature, the study unmasks this strange animal from the deep past and sets its position on the evolutionary tree.

Categories: evolution paleontology & fossils 

#317. 25/05/2022 17:26Un petit danseur, une fillette heureuse... les victimes de la tuerie au Texas by Par AFP Uvalde

Un petit garçon qui adorait danser, une fillette "plus heureuse que nous tous": voici certaines des victimes à la vie fauchée par les balles d'un tireur mardi dans une école primaire du Texas. - Amerie Jo Garza, la grande soeur - Amerie Jo Garza, une fillette au sourire lumineux, venait de fêter... - Lire la suite sur © allison dinner / AFP - Un petit danseur, une fillette heureuse... les victimes de la tuerie au Texas

#318. 25/05/2022 17:26Best monitor deals for May 2022 by Lucas Coll

We’ve got all of the best monitor deals available now in one handy place, along with a short buying guide.

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#323. 25/05/2022 17:15Computer Flat Knitting Machine Market Size And Forecast | Stoll, Shima Seiki, Ningbo Cixing, Steiger Textil, Kauo Heng Precision Machinery, Pailung Machinery Mill – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#324. 25/05/2022 17:15Harley-Davidson a vendu toutes ses motos LiveWire Del Mar S2 Launch Edition en un temps record (spoiler : ça se compte en minutes) by St phane Ficca

Officialisée en début de mois, la LiveWire Del Mar S2 en version « Launch Edition » est déjà en rupture de stock.

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#325. 25/05/2022 17:14Where are the next zoonotic viruses lurking?

Until recently, we knew of only two percent of the possible interactions between mammals and viruses, or the "virome." However, a new artificial intelligence (AI) technique has identified potential new host-virus interactions, increasing the size of the known virome by a factor of 15.

Categories: biotechnology molecular & computational biology 

#328. 25/05/2022 17:13New wood fossil record of taxodioxylon reported from Chuxiong, Yunnan

Based on an early geochronological study, the Lvhe coal mine strata were identified as late Miocene and belonging to the Xiaolongtan Formation. Previous research on the Lvhe sediments has led to the discovery of numerous fossils, such as woods, leaves, and fruits. Yet no fossil insects had been discovered so far from the succession.

Categories: paleontology & fossils 

#329. 25/05/2022 17:09Earth’s orbital debris problem is worsening, and policy solutions are difficult by Eric Berger

"Who's responsible? Who pays? How much do they pay?"

Categories: science, ars frontiers, frontiers-recap, orbital debris, space, space situational awareness 

#330. 25/05/2022 17:09Scientists identify how the brain links memories

Our brains lose the ability to link related memories as we age. Scientists genetically restored this brain function in middle-aged mice and identified an FDA-approved drug that achieves the same thing. The study suggests a new approach for combating middle-aged memory loss and a possible early intervention for dementia.

#331. 25/05/2022 17:09Roboticists go off road to compile data that could train self-driving ATVs

Researchers took an all-terrain vehicle on wild rides through tall grass, loose gravel and mud to gather data about how the ATV interacted with a challenging, off-road environment. They drove the heavily instrumented ATV aggressively at speeds up to 30 miles an hour. They slid through turns, took it up and down hills, and even got it stuck in the mud -- all while gathering data such as video, the speed of each wheel and the amount of suspension shock travel from seven types of sensors.

#333. 25/05/2022 17:09High air pollution from fracking in Ohio county

Residents of Belmont County in eastern Ohio have long suffered from health problems they suspected were the result of air pollution from fracking facilities, but regulators dismissed and downplayed their concerns. With technical assistance from volunteer scientists, local advocacy groups set up their own network of low-cost sensors. They found that the region's three EPA sensors were not providing an accurate picture: The sensors revealed concerning levels of air pollution, and correlations between local spikes and health impacts.

#335. 25/05/2022 17:08Genetic roots of 3 mitochondrial diseases ID'd via new approach

Researchers have identified the genetic causes of three mitochondrial diseases by figuring out what dozens of poorly understood mitochondrial proteins do. The functions of hundreds more mitochondrial proteins remain unknown, indicating that this approach could be a promising path to finding better ways to diagnose and treat the bewildering array of conditions linked to malfunctioning mitochondria.

#344. 25/05/2022 17:00Dell Memorial Day Sale 2022: Save on laptops, gaming PCs, and more by Jennifer Allen

The Dell Memorial Day sale has begun and that means plenty of deep discounts on laptops, gaming PCs, and more. Here's what's on offer.

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#345. 25/05/2022 17:00Early sound exposure in the womb shapes the auditory system by Anne Trafton MIT News Office

Modeling study suggests that the muffled environment in utero primes the brain’s ability to interpret some types of sound.

Categories: research, vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neuroscience, brain and cognitive sciences, school of science, national institutes of health (nih) 

#346. 25/05/2022 17:00BizVibe Adds New Company Insights for 3,200+ Computer and Peripheral Equipment Companies | Risk Evaluation | Regional Analysis | Similar Companies | Financials and Management Team - PR Newswire

#349. 25/05/2022 17:00Pourquoi l’accès à la terre pour les nouveaux agriculteurs se complique

Les transactions foncières ont connu l’année dernière un fort rebond dans les zones rurales. Une évolution qui favorise l’agrandissement des exploitations plutôt que l’installation des jeunes...

#351. 25/05/2022 17:00Certains vaccinés peuvent avoir le Covid long (mais moins que les non vaccinés) by Camille Gaubert

Les vaccins contre le Covid-19 ne sont pas efficaces à 100%. Les infections post-vaccinales peuvent aussi provoquer décès et Covid long, alerte une étude américaine, précisant que ce risque reste cependant moins élevé que chez les non-vaccinés.

Categories: santé 

#353. 25/05/2022 16:55Dans le Lot-et-Garonne, un village savoure le retour de son Rembrandt by Par Nathalie ALONSO Le Mas d Agenais France AFP

Alarmes, vidéosurveillance, vitrine blindée, "on a mis le paquet" : dans le Lot-et-Garonne, le village du Mas-d'Agenais vient de récupérer son trésor municipal, un tableau "inestimable" de Rembrandt dont il est l'heureux propriétaire, presque par accident. Depuis son salon de thé, Béatrice Touton... - Lire la suite sur © Philippe LOPEZ / AFP - Dans le Lot-et-Garonne, un village savoure le retour de son Rembrandt

#356. 25/05/2022 16:54Xi Jinping défend le bilan de la Chine au sujet des Ouïghours devant Michelle Bachelet by FRANCE 24

Au lendemain de nouvelles révélations de la presse concernant la répression des Ouïghours au Xinjiang, Xi Jinping a défendu mercredi le bilan de son pays. Le président chinois a estimé qu'"il n'existe pas de 'pays parfait' en matière de droits de l'Homme".

Categories: asie-pacifique 

#359. 25/05/2022 16:50Fin whale songs shed light on migration patterns

A Curtin University-led research team has uncovered valuable information on the migration patterns of the fin whale, as well as where they breed and feed, which will help aid in the monitoring and protection of the species.

Categories: ecology biotechnology 

#360. 25/05/2022 16:50Des amendes par erreur en raison d’appareils auditifs au volant

Depuis l'arrivée des caméras connectées, des voitures radars et des “PV à la volée”, les amendes injustifiées explosent. Bien que la plupart des amendes pouvant être contestées concernent celles attribuées à des personnes qui n’ont pas commis l'infraction en cause, des situations plus cocasses se... - Lire la suite sur Unsplash - Des amendes par erreur en raison d’appareils auditifs au volant

#365. 25/05/2022 16:44Children and adolescents can walk efficiently at the same pace as adults

Ana Mateos and Jesús Rodríguez, scientists at the Centro Nacional de Investigación sobre la Evolución Humana (CENIEH), have published an experimental energy study in the American Journal of Biological Anthropology, which shows that children and adolescents can walk at a speed close to the optimal pace for adults, with hardly any locomotion energy costs or departing from their own optimal speed. These results suggest that individuals at these ages do not represent a burden for the mobility of hunter-gatherer groups.

Categories: evolution 

#368. 25/05/2022 16:40Bill Gates’s Foundation is Funding the UN’s Ukrainian Refugee Program. by Natalie Winters

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding the United Nations’ Ukraine refugee resettlement program. The Microsoft co-founder’s charitable foundation pledged $1,000,003 to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), known as the UN Refugee Agency, to “support refugees fleeing Ukraine to bordering countries.” The grant was announced in March and is set to be distributed over the course of one year. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has previously distributed grants to the UNHCR roughly ten times, totaling nearly $20 million, and has been partnered with the agency since 2006. Gates tweeted about his donation, writing: “In a

The post Bill Gates’s Foundation is Funding the UN’s Ukrainian Refugee Program. appeared first on The National Pulse..

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#369. 25/05/2022 16:40Près de Kharkiv, 20 minutes dans un village sous le feu de l'artillerie russe by Par Patrick FORT Kharkiv Ukraine AFP

"Peut-être doit-on partir? C'est comme ça qu'on vit, en courant vers nos caves", souffle Laryssa Kossynets, infirmière à la retraite de 57 ans et fermière, alors que des obus russes commencent à tomber sur son village, à une trentaine de kilomètres de Kharkiv. Elle s'en va en toute hâte pour se... - Lire la suite sur © DIMITAR DILKOFF / AFP - Près de Kharkiv, 20 minutes dans un village sous le feu de l'artillerie russe

#370. 25/05/2022 16:37If Europe and Japan can have small, cheap EVs, why can’t America? by Jonathan M Gitlin

Europe's VW ID.1 will cost $18,000; Japan's Nissan Sakura is just $14,000.

Categories: cars, electric vehicle, kei cars, nissan, small cars, volkswagen 

#371. 25/05/2022 16:36Yemenis protest Taez blockade as talks get underway

Hundreds of protesters in war-torn Yemen marched Wednesday against the years-long blockade of a major city by Huthi rebels, as UN-brokered talks to end the siege started in Jordan.

Demonstrators in Taez, Yemen's third biggest city, chanted "Oh, you Huthi, you backstabber".

Among the crowds, which included women and children, some held up signs in English that read: "End Taez seige".

Holding talks to end the blockade was agreed as part of a two-month renewable truce that began in April, and which has significantly reduced fighting in the seven-year civil war.

#372. 25/05/2022 16:35Deux ans après le meurtre de George Floyd, Biden spectateur des tragédies de l'Amérique by Par Aur lia END Washington AFP

Le président Joe Biden marquera mardi le deuxième anniversaire du meurtre de George Floyd, au lendemain d'une fusillade dans une école qui est venue rappeler, cruellement, son impuissance à apaiser les démons de l'Amérique. Ce devait être une belle cérémonie placée sous le signe de la... - Lire la suite sur © Stefani Reynolds / AFP - Deux ans après le meurtre de George Floyd, Biden spectateur des tragédies de l'Amérique

#373. 25/05/2022 16:31Studying ways to maximize environmental benefits of green algae

There's a special class of green algae that has the potential to revolutionize sustainability efforts. These so-called diatoms are abundant in nature and their structures could be used for environmentally friendly, high-value products, technologies to clean our air and new methods to purify our water. Furthermore, their residual biomass could become sources of green energy, reducing future carbon emissions.

Categories: cell & microbiology biotechnology 

#374. 25/05/2022 16:30Predicting bat host hotspots to help prepare for future coronavirus outbreaks

A new research paper published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences identifies locations of bats that may host coronavirus based on climate, native forests, and caves where these bats inhabit.

Categories: ecology veterinary medicine 

#375. 25/05/2022 16:30Showing that species thrive through social connections

The term biodiversity invites images of lush rainforests, dynamic estuaries, and other biomes where a kaleidoscope of species interact within their communities. We could assume the same holds true for biodiversity at the microscopic level.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#378. 25/05/2022 16:29Epigenetic markers predict complications in patients with type 2 diabetes

A new study supports the notion that patients with type 2 diabetes patient should be divided into subgroups and given individualized treatment. The study demonstrates that there are distinct epigenetic differences between different groups of patients with type 2 diabetes. The epigenetic markers are also associated with different risks of developing common complications in type 2 diabetes, such as stroke, heart attack and kidney disease.

#380. 25/05/2022 16:27#289 – Stephen Kotkin: Putin, Zelenskyy, and War in Ukraine

Stephen Kotkin is a historian specializing in Stalin and Soviet history. Please support this podcast by checking out our sponsors: – Lambda: – Scale: – Athletic Greens: and use code LEX to get 1 month of fish oil – ExpressVPN: and use code LexPod to get 3 months free – ROKA: and use code LEX to get 20% off your first order EPISODE LINKS: Stephen’s Website: Stalin: 1878-1928 (Vol 1): Stalin: 1929-1941 (Vol 2): PODCAST INFO: Podcast website: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: RSS: YouTube Full Episodes: YouTube Clips:

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#382. 25/05/2022 16:24Computer Integrated Manufacturing Market by Type (CAD, CAM, DM), Application (Automotive, Aviation, Ship Building Industries, Others), and Geography – Global Trends & Forecasts to 2019-2029 – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#383. 25/05/2022 16:23Affaire Abad: le parquet de Paris n'ouvre pas d'enquête "en l'état" by Par C line Agniel et Guillaume Daudin Paris AFP

Le parquet de Paris a fait savoir mercredi qu'il n'ouvrait pas d'enquête préliminaire "en l'état" sur les accusations de violences sexuelles visant le nouveau ministre des Solidarités Damien Abad, faute "d'élément permettant d'identifier la victime des faits dénoncés". "En l'état, le parquet de... - Lire la suite sur © Ludovic MARIN / AFP/Archives - Affaire Abad: le parquet de Paris n'ouvre pas d'enquête "en l'état"

#386. 25/05/2022 16:20Europol gears up to collect big data on European citizens after MEPs vote to expand policing power

The European Parliament has voted to give Europol wide powers to collect and process data on individuals, including people not suspected of any crime, in a move that significantly widens the power of the European police agency. MEPs voted on 4 May to widen the mandate of Europol to collect personal data from tech companies, including telecoms and internet suppliers and social media firms, and to collect and analyse data from countries outside the European Union (EU). The proposals also give Europol the go-ahead to develop algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) systems capable of making automated decisions and developing predictive policing models. The Parliament's draft regulation effectively overturns an order by the European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) in January 2020 that required Europol to delete swathes of personal data it had collected and processed unlawfully. MEPs voted by 480 in favour of a significant expansion of Europol's role, with 142 against and 20...

#389. 25/05/2022 16:16Pfizer ouvre son armoire à pharmacie aux pays les plus pauvres

Le géant pharmaceutique américain Pfizer s'est engagé mercredi à vendre à prix coûtant certains de ses médicaments et vaccins à 45 pays pauvres, dans le cadre d'une initiative annoncée lors du Forum économique de Davos. "Avec tout ce que nous avons appris et accompli ces deux dernières années, il est maintenant temps de commencer à refermer davantage le fossé" séparant "ceux qui peuvent avoir accès à ces innovations et ceux qui ne le peuvent pas", a déclaré le PDG du géant pharmaceutique Albert Bourla, au cours d'une conférence de presse présentant l'initiative en Suisse. Très en vue dans le gotha des patrons mondiaux depuis le succès de son vaccin contre le Covid-19, le dirigeant était accompagné sur scène des chefs d’État du Rwanda et du Malawi, signataires de l'accord.

Categories: santé 

#391. 25/05/2022 16:13Covid-19: vers un nouveau rappel de vaccin à l'automne pour tous les plus fragiles

Face au scénario "fortement probable" d'une reprise prochaine de la circulation du Covid-19 en France, les autorités sanitaires recommandent un nouveau rappel de vaccin à l'automne pour toutes les personnes à risque, dont cette fois celles avec comorbidités. Les personnes âgées d'au moins 60 ans et les immunodéprimés pouvaient déjà recevoir une deuxième dose de rappel. Désormais, d'autres Français à risque de formes graves de la maladie, comme les diabétiques, les obèses ou encore les personnes avec des troubles psychiatriques, y seraient éligibles.

Categories: santé 

#392. 25/05/2022 16:13Covid-19: vers un nouveau rappel de vaccin à l'automne pour tous les plus fragiles by Par Isabelle CORTES Paris AFP

Face au scénario "fortement probable" d'une reprise prochaine de la circulation du Covid-19 en France, les autorités sanitaires recommandent un nouveau rappel de vaccin à l'automne pour toutes les personnes à risque, dont cette fois celles avec comorbidités. Les personnes âgées d'au moins 60 ans et... - Lire la suite sur © CLEMENT MAHOUDEAU / AFP/Archives - Covid-19: vers un nouveau rappel de vaccin à l'automne pour tous les plus fragiles

#393. 25/05/2022 16:12Cannes 2022 : "Elvis", un biopic sur la légende du rock signé Baz Luhrmann by Thomas BAUREZ

"Elvis" de Baz Luhrmann, qui rend hommage à l'icône Elvis Presley, est le biopic "évènement" de la Quinzaine. Thomas Baurez nous parle également des deux films présentés en compétition officielle ce mercredi : "Leila's Brothers", du cinéaste iranien Saeed Roustayi, et "Stars at noon" de la Française Claire Denis.

Categories: À l'affiche ! 

#394. 25/05/2022 16:10Investigating whether epigenetic aging is the manifestation of one or more aging hallmarks

A team of researchers affiliated with a host of institutions in the U.K. and the U.S. has conducted an investigation into whether epigenetic aging is the manifestation of one or more aging hallmarks. In their paper published in the journal Nature Aging, the group describes subjecting human cells to three kinds of abuse and then testing them to see if the cells aged epigenetically.

Categories: cell & microbiology 

#397. 25/05/2022 16:04Fox’s John Roberts Asks If Anyone Else Has Chest Pain After Booster, Gets SWAMPED With Responses by Baxter Dmitry

Fox News host John Roberts bravely asked his audience if anyone else is experiencing chest pains after receiving a “booster” shot — and nobody was prepared for the outpouring of heartbreaking stories he received in [...]

The post Fox’s John Roberts Asks If Anyone Else Has Chest Pain After Booster, Gets SWAMPED With Responses appeared first on News Punch.

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#398. 25/05/2022 16:00This 17-inch laptop is $330 in the HP Memorial Day Sale 2022 by Jennifer Allen

Save $160 off this great-sized laptop that means you can see plenty of what you're working on at all times, courtesy of the HP Memorial Day sale.

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#399. 25/05/2022 16:00Perles de Culture n°341 – Ukraine : propagandes et mensonges by Gildas Ailes

Anne Brassié reçoit l’essayiste Pierre Lours qui nous donne ses réflexions sur le temps actuel : étrange gouvernance, propagande et mensonges en Ukraine. Il nous invite aussi à l’exposition d’un merveilleux peintre à la Galerie Guillaume à Paris : Augustin Frison-Roche.

L’article Perles de Culture n°341 – Ukraine : propagandes et mensonges est apparu en premier sur TVLibertés - 1ère chaîne alternative | Nous, c’est vous.

Categories: perles de culture, augustin frison-roche, guerre en ukraine, pierre lours 

#400. 25/05/2022 16:00La capsule Starliner rentre sur Terre cette nuit, et la NASA tient à lui assurer un avenir by Eric Bottlaender

Il reste encore le voyage de retour : Starliner ne quittera la Station spatiale internationale qu'à 20 h 30 environ ce 25 mai. Pourtant, après quelques jours en orbite, la NASA, Boeing et ULA ont multiplié les déclarations qui montrent que la capsule aura toute sa place dans le paysage spatial américain à venir.

Categories: espace 

#402. 25/05/2022 15:59Les « petits » excès de vitesse de « 5 km/h » pourraient ne plus coûter de points aux automobilistes

Le ministère de l’Intérieur envisage de ne plus retirer de points sur le permis des conducteurs qui font de « petits excès de vitesse ». Seule resterait l’amende. Une réflexion est en cours au sein...

#404. 25/05/2022 15:54Législatives 2022. Marine Le Pen en déplacement en Seine-Maritime, jeudi 26 mai - Ouest-France

#405. 25/05/2022 15:54Secrets of tree hyraxes in Kenya uncovered with new research techniques

Tree hyraxes are medium-sized mammals living in the canopies of tropical forests. They are shy and only move at night, which is why next to nothing has been known about their living habits or behavior so far.

Categories: ecology biotechnology 

#407. 25/05/2022 15:50Le Texas pleure ses enfants morts, la colère monte aux Etats-Unis by Par G rard MARTINEZ et Valentin GRAFF Washington Uvalde Etats Unis AFP

La tragédie pouvait-elle être évitée? L'éternelle question de la limitation des armes à feu aux Etats-Unis s'est imposée mercredi à Uvalde comme dans le reste du pays, au lendemain de l'effroyable massacre de 19 écoliers dans cette ville texane assommée par le deuil. Un lycéen en rupture scolaire,... - Lire la suite sur © - / social media/AFP - Le Texas pleure ses enfants morts, la colère monte aux Etats-Unis

#408. 25/05/2022 15:50Sliding to mild? Nope—omicron BA.2 caused worse COVID symptoms than BA.1 by Beth Mole

Study of 1.5M finds COVID symptoms shifted with variants. BA.2 caused the most.

Categories: science, biology, covid-19, infectious disease, medicine, omicron, sars-cov-2, symptoms, variants 

#411. 25/05/2022 15:46Women are making strides in artificial intelligence but are still underrepresented, according to new Concordia research - Concordia University News

#419. 25/05/2022 15:34Arctic engineers develop innovative radar method to detect polar bears

Riding through Canadian polar bear country in a Tundra Buggy—essentially a monster truck that keeps riders safely distanced from wildlife—a BYU engineering capstone team scoured the landscape with sharp eyes. When they finally spotted their first polar bear of the day, they ecstatically sent its GPS coordinates to the helicopter above. (The polar bear, enjoying a nap, remained unmoved by the sight of them.)

Categories: ecology biotechnology 

#422. 25/05/2022 15:30Michael Moore Tells MSNBC ‘Founding Fathers’ Would ‘Repeal Second Amendment’ by Baxter Dmitry

The Founding Fathers did not know what a bullet was and would support repealing the Second Amendment if they were alive today, according to Hollywood’s favorite anti-gun fanatic Michael Moore. In the wake of the [...]

The post Michael Moore Tells MSNBC ‘Founding Fathers’ Would ‘Repeal Second Amendment’ appeared first on News Punch.

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#424. 25/05/2022 15:28Vladimir Poutine qui porte désormais un gilet pare-balles ? Non, une vieille photo

Une image circulant principalement sur Twitter depuis le 22 mai affirme que le président russe Vladimir Poutine aurait commencé à porter un gilet pare-balles lors de ses apparitions publiques. Sous la veste du chef d’État, une forme, cerclée sur la photo d’un rond rouge, peut laisser penser qu'il porte une protection spécifique inhabituelle. La photo date pourtant d’il y a cinq ans. Et selon un photographe présent ce jour-là, il ne s’agissait pas d’un gilet pare-balles.

Categories: sur les observateurs 

#426. 25/05/2022 15:27One billion people at risk of power blackouts as global grids stretched

This summer, power grids worldwide won't produce enough electricity to meet the soaring demand, threatening more than one billion people with rolling blackouts. Grids are stretched thin by fossil fuel shortages, drought and heatwaves, commodity disruptions and soaring prices due to the war in Ukraine, and the failed green energy transition where grid operators retired too many fossil fuel generation plants. Combine this all together, and a perfect storm of blackouts threatens much of the Northern Hemisphere. The power crisis, affecting a large swath of the world and top economies, could be less than a month away when summer begins on June 21. Regions that concerned Bloomberg are Asia, Europe, and the US, where there's not enough power to go around when cooling demand is set to surge as households crank up their air conditions to escape the sweltering heat. Asia's heatwave has caused hours-long daily blackouts, putting more than 1 billion people at risk across Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri...

#427. 25/05/2022 15:27Part de marché de l'informatique neuromorphique, croissance par développement commercial 2022 à 2029 par acteurs clés | Laboratoires HRL, IBM Corporation, CEA-Leti, Qualcomm Inc. - Sahel Business Week

#428. 25/05/2022 15:22Pets or threats? Goldfish might be harmful to biodiversity

Invasive species are one of the leading causes of global biodiversity loss, and the pet trade is responsible for a third of all aquatic invasive species. Pet owners releasing unwanted pets into the wild is a major problem. Whilst many believe this is a humane option, new research suggests that attempting to "save" the life of a goldfish could in fact lead to catastrophic outcomes for native biodiversity.

Categories: plants & animals ecology 

#429. 25/05/2022 15:21Artificial Intelligence Color Sorter Market Business Strategies by Leading Industry Players Forecast to 2028 | Buhlergroup, Sunrise, Meyer – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#432. 25/05/2022 15:17Male friendships vs. male reproductive success in wild Guinea baboons

Close friendships among males are rare in the animal kingdom, as males usually compete for rank and access to females. However, male friendships can also be beneficial for male reproduction, as friends can provide support in climbing the rank ladder or defending females from other males. Scientists from the German Primate Center (DPZ) investigated the benefits of male friendships in wild Guinea baboons in Senegal. Guinea baboons are known for strong bonds among males and a lack of a clear male rank hierarchy.

Categories: plants & animals 

#434. 25/05/2022 15:11Le marché de l'informatique sans serveur est en plein essor dans le monde d'ici 2027 | Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Broadcom, Rackspace, Alibaba - Sahel Business Week

#435. 25/05/2022 15:10Blockchain Foundry and The Palmer Group Launch Metacademy, a Web3 Educational Platform Covering Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs and More - GlobeNewswire

#437. 25/05/2022 15:08Monkeypox: Technocracy's Next Wave Of Crimes Against Humanity

I am currently traveling the country with Drs. Judy Mikovits, Richard Fleming and Reiner Fuellmich. Our one-day conference topic in nine cities focuses on the case for crimes against humanity having been committed by leaders of Big Pharma and the biosecurity cartel. Indeed, there are a multitude of potentially criminal violations at national and international levels. But now, meet monkeypox! Our case is built from a forensic point of view examining the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in hindsight: its conspiratorial beginnings, violations of international law and the Nuremberg Code and the massive coverup campaign to conceal criminal acts. Suddenly, however, monkeypox has sprung forth upon the world stage, following the same playbook as SARS-CoV-2. As such, it is a "crime-in-progress" brought to us by the same people and in the same manner. This time, the script is following a paper, Strengthening Global Systems to Prevent and Respond to High-Consequence Biological Threats, that was based on a...

#439. 25/05/2022 15:07Pfizer warns of “constant waves” of COVID as complacency grows by Financial Times

CEO launches plan to offer patented medicines at lower cost to poorer nations.

Categories: science, covid-19, pandemic, pfizer, pfizer/biontech, vaccines 

#440. 25/05/2022 15:07Migratory bird species get a different early start than non-migratory species

In all vertebrates, mothers transfer variable amounts of hormones into eggs and embryos, which influence development and traits of offspring in later lives. In a recent study the researchers looked at the transferred hormones in different bird species eggs, and found a hundredfold difference in the thyroid hormones, which control development and growth in birds. Migratory and precocial bird species provide the highest levels of thyroid hormones to their offspring.

Categories: evolution ecology 

#442. 25/05/2022 15:06Novel macrophage-mediated mechanism promotes peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer

A research team at the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong (HKU), has revealed novel cellular and molecular interactions between cancer cells and tumor-associated macrophages that promote peritoneal metastasis of ovarian cancer. These findings provide important insights into the therapeutic strategy of ovarian cancer and are now published in Advanced Science, an interdisciplinary open-access journal.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#443. 25/05/2022 15:06OptraSCAN's Artificial Intelligence-Equipped Digital Pathology Scanner OS-SiA Granted US Patent for Scanning, Indexing and Analyzing of the Tissue Area at the Same Time - AiThority

#444. 25/05/2022 15:06Mystery mechanism in small peptide shows big promise for fighting antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Since the advent of penicillin more than 90 years ago, antibiotic drugs have saved countless lives by preventing and treating bacterial infections. However, bacteria are rapidly developing new ways to resist antibiotics, making some of modern medicine's most powerful drugs less effective against many life-threatening infections, such as gonorrhea, Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Clostridioides difficile (C. difficile), among others. Today, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate nearly 3 million drug-resistant infections occur each year in the United States alone.

Categories: cell & microbiology molecular & computational biology 

#445. 25/05/2022 15:05Koalas exposed to double-whammy health threat

An AIDS-like virus plaguing Australia's koala population is leaving them more vulnerable to chlamydia and other threatening health conditions, University of Queensland research has found.

Categories: plants & animals veterinary medicine 

#447. 25/05/2022 15:04Freya Roy Links With DEACON On Soulful New Single 'Day Is Done' by Robin Murray

Freya Roy Image
Her new EP lands this summer...

Freya Roy links with DEACON on new single 'Day Is Done'.

Freya Roy is building towards her new EP, with 'For Who I Have Become' set to be released on July 13th.

New single 'Day Is Done' encapsulates Freya Roy's subtle, soulful approach, while also adding something new.

The poetic songwriter is joined by Akala-approved rapper DEACON, and the South London force perfectly augmented her vocal.

A song that goes a little deeper, 'Day Is Done' has that reflective, evening feel, while still holding on to wisps of energy.

Tune in now.

- - -

#448. 25/05/2022 15:04The social transmission of stress in animal collectives

Stress is a widespread phenomenon that occurs when, for example, humans feel threatened or overwhelmed, have too much work or are in imminent danger. We communicate to others that we are stressed through our behavior and physiological changes. Thus, stress can also convey information and even be useful for survival in certain situations. On the other hand, the massive spread of stress, which can be transmitted from one individual to others, not infrequently leads to dangerous situations in groups, such as mass panics.

Categories: plants & animals evolution 

#449. 25/05/2022 15:04La sœur de Benjamin Brière, détenu en Iran, appelle Paris à « taper du poing sur la table »

Arrêté pour avoir pris des photographies avec un drone, Benjamin Brière est détenu en Iran depuis deux ans. Sa sœur, Blandine, appelle la France à « taper du poing sur la table » pour obtenir sa...

#452. 25/05/2022 15:00Synthèse – Robert Paturel : la légende du RAID by Gildas Ailes

Roland Hélie, Philippe Randa et Pierre de Laubier reçoivent dans cette nouvelle émission « Synthèse », l’ancien champion de France et champion d’Europe de boxe française, Robert Paturel, dit « Patu » : une figure légendaire du RAID qui a été formateur pendant 20 ans au RAID et au GIPN, Groupe d’intervention de la police nationale. Il est également […]

L’article Synthèse – Robert Paturel : la légende du RAID est apparu en premier sur TVLibertés - 1ère chaîne alternative | Nous, c’est vous.

Categories: synthèse, arts martiaux, gipn, raid, robert paturel 

#455. 25/05/2022 15:00REPLAY. Législatives 2022 : Eric Zemmour, la députée sortante Sereine Mauborgne et les autres candidats de la 4e circonscription du Var en débat sur France 3 Côte d'Azur - France 3 Régions

#457. 25/05/2022 14:57WHO Recommends PCR Tests For Monkeypox; Moderna Working On Vaccine by Baxter Dmitry

A new PCR test for the monkeypox virus is already available the the World Health Organization has ordered member states to start reporting back with results. The WHO has released interim guidance for laboratory testing [...]

The post WHO Recommends PCR Tests For Monkeypox; Moderna Working On Vaccine appeared first on News Punch.

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#458. 25/05/2022 14:54Information On The NHS Monkeypox Page Edited To Make It Sound More Worrying by Niamh Harris

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) recently edited their Monkeypox page…to make it sound more frightening. Just a few days ago the NHS’s Monkeypox page was altered to change the narrative in a few key [...]

The post Information On The NHS Monkeypox Page Edited To Make It Sound More Worrying appeared first on News Punch.

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#460. 25/05/2022 14:54Computer Network Encryption System Market Research With Cisco, Thales Esecurity, Atos, Juniper Networks, Certes Networks | to succeed in good valuation as discussed in a new report – The Daily Vale - The Daily Vale

#462. 25/05/2022 14:51Affaire Abad : le parquet de Paris n’ouvre pas d’enquête « en l’état »

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#479. 25/05/2022 14:21Migrate databases to Kubernetes using Konveyor by Yasu Katsuno

Migrate databases to Kubernetes using Konveyor Yasu Katsuno Wed, 05/25/2022 - 08:21
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Kubernetes Database Operator is useful for building scalable database servers as a database (DB) cluster. But because you have to create new artifacts expressed as YAML files, migrating existing databases to Kubernetes requires a lot of manual effort. This article introduces a new open source tool named Konveyor Tackle-DiVA-DOA (Data-intensive Validity Analyzer-Database Operator Adaptation). It automatically generates deployment-ready artifacts for database operator migration. And it does that through datacentric code analysis.

What is Tackle-DiVA-DOA?

Tackle-DiVA-DOA (DOA, for short) is an open source datacentric database configuration analytics tool in Konveyor Tackle. It imports target database configuration files (such as SQL and XML) and generates a set of Kubernetes artifacts for database migration to operators such as Zalando Postgres Operator.

A flowchart shows a database cluster with three virtual machines and SQL and XML files transformed by going through Tackle-DiVA-DOA into a Kubernetes Database Operator structure and a YAML file

(Yasuharu Katsuno and Shin Saito, CC BY-SA 4.0)

DOA finds and analyzes the settings of an existing system that uses a database management system (DBMS). Then it generates manifests (YAML files) of Kubernetes and the Postgres operator for deploying an equivalent DB cluster.

A flowchart shows the four elements of an existing system (as described in the text below), the manifests generated by them, and those that transfer to a PostgreSQL cluster

(Yasuharu Katsuno and Shin Saito, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Database settings of an application consist of DBMS configurations, SQL files, DB initialization scripts, and program codes to access the DB.

  • DBMS configurations include parameters of DBMS, cluster configuration, and credentials. DOA stores the configuration to postgres.yaml and secrets to secret-db.yaml if you need custom credentials.
  • SQL files are used to define and initialize tables, views, and other entities in the database. These are stored in the Kubernetes ConfigMap definition cm-sqls.yaml.
  • Database initialization scripts typically create databases and schema and grant users access to the DB entities so that SQL files work correctly. DOA tries to find initialization requirements from scripts and documents or guesses if it can't. The result will also be stored in a ConfigMap named cm-init-db.yaml.
  • Code to access the database, such as host and database name, is in some cases embedded in program code. These are rewritten to work with the migrated DB cluster.


DOA is expected to run within a container and comes with a script to build its image. Make sure Docker and Bash are installed on your environment, and then run the build script as follows:

$ cd /tmp
$ git clone
$ cd tackle-diva/doa
$ bash util/

docker image ls diva-doa
diva-doa     2.2.0     5f9dd8f9f0eb   14 hours ago   1.27GB
diva-doa     latest    5f9dd8f9f0eb   14 hours ago   1.27GB

This builds DOA and packs as container images. Now DOA is ready to use.

The next step executes a bundled wrapper script, which runs the DOA container. Specify the Git repository of the target database application. This example uses a Postgres database in the TradeApp application. You can use the -o option for the location of output files and an -i option for the name of the database initialization script:

$ cd /tmp/tackle-diva/doa
$ bash -o /tmp/out -i \
[OK] successfully completed.

The /tmp/out/ directory and /tmp/out/trading-app, a directory with the target application name, are created. In this example, the application name is trading-app, which is the GitHub repository name. Generated artifacts (the YAML files) are also generated under the application-name directory:

$ ls -FR /tmp/out/trading-app/
cm-init-db.yaml  cm-sqls.yaml**  job-init.yaml  postgres.yaml  test/


The prefix of each YAML file denotes the kind of resource that the file defines. For instance, each cm-*.yaml file defines a ConfigMap, and job-init.yaml defines a Job resource. At this point, secret-db.yaml is not created, and DOA uses credentials that the Postgres operator automatically generates.

Now you have the resource definitions required to deploy a PostgreSQL cluster on a Kubernetes instance. You can deploy them using the utility script Alternatively, you can use the kubectl create command:

$ cd /tmp/out/trading-app
$ bash  # or simply “kubectl apply -f .”

configmap/trading-app-cm-init-db created
configmap/trading-app-cm-sqls created
job.batch/trading-app-init created created

The Kubernetes resources are created, including postgresql (a resource of the database cluster created by the Postgres operator), service, rs, pod, job, cm, secret, pv, and pvc. For example, you can see four database pods named trading-app-*, because the number of database instances is defined as four in postgres.yaml.

$ kubectl get all,postgresql,cm,secret,pv,pvc
NAME                                        READY   STATUS      RESTARTS   AGE

pod/trading-app-db-0                        1/1     Running     0          7m11s
pod/trading-app-db-1                        1/1     Running     0          5m
pod/trading-app-db-2                        1/1     Running     0          4m14s
pod/trading-app-db-3                        1/1     Running     0          4m

NAME                                      TEAM          VERSION   PODS   VOLUME   CPU-REQUEST   MEMORY-REQUEST   AGE   STATUS   trading-app   13        4      1Gi                                     15m   Running

NAME                            TYPE        CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)    AGE
service/trading-app-db          ClusterIP    <none>        5432/TCP   15m
service/trading-app-db-repl     ClusterIP   <none>        5432/TCP   15m

NAME                         COMPLETIONS   DURATION   AGE
job.batch/trading-app-init   1/1           2m39s      15m

Note that the Postgres operator comes with a user interface (UI). You can find the created cluster on the UI. You need to export the endpoint URL to open the UI on a browser. If you use minikube, do as follows:

$ minikube service postgres-operator-ui

Then a browser window automatically opens that shows the UI.

Screenshot of the UI showing the Cluster YAML definition on the left with the Cluster UID underneath it. On the right of the screen a header reads

(Yasuharu Katsuno and Shin Saito, CC BY-SA 4.0)

Now you can get access to the database instances using a test pod. DOA also generated a pod definition for testing.

$ kubectl apply -f /tmp/out/trading-app/test/pod-test.yaml # creates a test Pod
pod/trading-app-test created
$ kubectl exec trading-app-test -it -- bash  # login to the pod

The database hostname and the credential to access the DB are injected into the pod, so you can access the database using them. Execute the psql metacommand to show all tables and views (in a database):

# printenv DB_HOST; printenv PGPASSWORD
(values of the variable are shown)

# psql -h ${DB_HOST} -U postgres -d jrvstrading -c '\dt'
             List of relations
 Schema |      Name      | Type  |  Owner  
 public | account        | table | postgres
 public | quote          | table | postgres
 public | security_order | table | postgres
 public | trader         | table | postgres
(4 rows)

# psql -h ${DB_HOST} -U postgres -d jrvstrading -c '\dv'
                List of relations
 Schema |         Name          | Type |  Owner  
 public | pg_stat_kcache        | view | postgres
 public | pg_stat_kcache_detail | view | postgres
 public | pg_stat_statements    | view | postgres
 public | position              | view | postgres
(4 rows)

After the test is done, log out from the pod and remove the test pod:

# exit
$ kubectl delete -f /tmp/out/trading-app/test/pod-test.yaml

Finally, delete the created cluster using a script:

$ bash

Welcome to Konveyor Tackle world!

To learn more about application refactoring, you can check out the Konveyor Tackle site, join the community, and access the source code on GitHub.

Konveyor Tackle-DiVA-DOA helps database engineers easily migrate database servers to Kubernetes.

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